‘How Much More Life, Better!’: summary of the last week’s chapters from May 23 to 28

NOVEL “THE MORE LIFE, THE BETTER!” – summary of chapters for the week of May 23-28, 2022

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CHAPTER 157 – Monday, 5/23

Guilherme (Mateus Solano) assures Flávia (Valentina Herszage), Neném (Vladimir Brichta) and Paula (Giovanna Antonelli) that Death (A Maia) will decide for him. Nedda (Elizabeth Savala) makes Edson (Stepan Nercessian) work at her salon.

Flávia leaves after having a fight with Guilherme. Paula feels bad when Flávia despises her. Guilherme loses consciousness in Baby’s arms. Celina (Ana Lúcia Torre) tells Flávia to give up leaving.

Cora (Valentina Bandeira) assures Tucão (Renato Livera) that she and Roni (Felipe Abib) are together. Guilherme takes the exam reports. Flávia rejects reconciliation with Guilherme.

Baby’s first game begins. Rose (Barbara Colen) breaks news. Baby scores a goal. Paula and Carmem (Julia Lemmertz) dance the pole dance at the nightclub. Paula turns to Neném for help when he and Rose are partying.

CHAPTER 158 – Tuesday, 5/24

Baby goes to the police station to have a conversation with Nunes (Cridemar Aquino), Torres (Felipe Hintze) and Prado (Pedroca Monteiro). Carmem and Paula chat in the cell and are recorded by a journalist. Baby is sad for not being able to celebrate with Rose.

Guilherme does everything to have a conversation with Flávia, but she rejects him. Marcelo (Bruno Cabrerizo) and Joana (Mariana Nunes) do everything they can to adopt a child. Carmem and Paula are beside themselves when they see that their video on the web has gone viral.

Roni is hostile towards Cora. After 90 days. Marriage of Goddess (Evelyn Castro) and Odaílson (Thardelly Lima). Carmem and Paula find out that they have gone bankrupt. By decision of Nedda, Edson becomes a hairdresser.

Paula does everything to get along with Flávia. Neném and Guilherme release their voices in karaoke. Flávia starts to have contractions and is stuck next to her mother in a bakery.

CHAPTER 159 – Wednesday, 5/25

Guilherme and Neném appear at the bakery, try to unlock the grid and fail. Flávia apologizes to her mother, who tries to help her with the delivery. Roni, Tina (Agnes Brichta) and Tigrão (Matheus Abreu) ​​have fun, but the girl’s father is distressed to see a suspicious movement.

Guilherme instructs Paula to help Flávia. Tina is distressed when bikers approach Roni. Flávia gives birth to her daughter with Guilherme. Tucao blackmails Roni. Neném takes Paula home and is surprised to find her wearing a different dress from Rose.

Marcelo and Joana see Pedro for the first time. Rose and Baby argue. William talks to Death about Tigger. Baby invites her brother to have lunch at their mother’s house and next to the family.

CHAPTER 160 – Thursday, 5/26

The broadcaster did not release the summary of the penultimate chapter.

CHAPTER 161 – Friday, 5/27

The broadcaster did not release the summary of the last chapter.

Saturday, 5/28

Replay of the last chapter.

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