How Marvel Picks Upcoming MCU Movies and Characters

Marvel has already established itself in cinema with its cinematic universe, including heroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America or Black Widow.

Introducing even the most minor heroes, such as Scott Lang, Ant-Man, the MCU is full of new stories, further leveraging the character unknown to the general public.

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Divided into phases, and currently entering Phase 5, the studio plans more films and series, diversifying the universe with new characters.

However, many fans have been wondering about how Marvel chooses upcoming MCU movies and characters. One of the studio leaders answers the question.

Characters are chosen during a rest period

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Black Panther 2) producer Nate Moore revealed in a podcast with journalist Matthew Belloni about how Marvel leaders take the next steps (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

According to him, the top echelon get together for a rest retreat in Palm Springs, and they just talk among themselves which are the best to win the projects.

“These decisions are made in two different ways, to be honest. You know, we have a not-so-secret retreat every year or two where we go to Palm Springs, usually, and just talk about interesting characters,” he said.

“Also about stories we’d love to tell: ‘Hey, if we could do anything we wanted, what would it be? Who would it be? What characters do we not use that we are passionate about?’” commented the producer.

Moore also revealed that the studio has more than 50 years of material to draw from, and it’s not a lack of ideas, as there are many in the air.

For the producer, it takes passion to embark on the adventure and develop new projects that fans can love.

“There tend to be one or two pillars that sometimes move, but that we start to build around. And things like the multiverse came out of there, things like building… even Phase 3 around the Infinity Gauntlet, came out of those discussions because people had a passion for the material.”

“If you think about Marvel, we have over 50 years of material to pull from, so it’s not like there’s a shortage of ideas,” reveals Moore, who continued. “Actually, there is an overwhelming amount of ideas. And it has to be someone passionate about any idea to figure out how to put it into practice.”

Currently in transition to Phase 5, the so-called Multiverse Saga will encompass new possibilities, with Kang the Conqueror being the big bad.

Several characters were introduced in Phase 4, such as Echo, who will get his own series, or even Daredevil, who will have a reboot titled Daredevil: Born Again.

In turn, in cinema, Marvel intends to bring a new vision to Captain America in the fourth film of the hero, with Sam Wilson taking over the mantle. In addition, there is the integration of the Thunderbolts, a team similar to DC’s Suicide Squad.

With so much to explore, Infinity Saga concluded the story of the studio’s beloved heroes, opening doors to a new horizon.

For now, Marvel Studios has more plans beyond Phase 5, targeting Phase 6, with movies like Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

That is, it is enough time to pass so that fans can see the MCU even more expanded than usual in previous phases.

Marvel movies and series can be watched on disney+🇧🇷

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