How is the perfect man for Cansu Dere

Cansu Dere is one of the most internationally recognized Turkish actresses thanks to the successful soap operas she has starred in as “Madre” (“Anne”), “Sila”, “Ezel” and, more recently, “Unfaithful” (“Sadakatsiz”). Due to her popularity, her followers are very interested in knowing details of her personal life, especially about her sentimental life and what the artist thinks about love.

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The 41-year-old actress not only captivates the public with her acting talent and charisma, but also stands out for her beauty. That is why she is one of the most desired artists in the artistic world and there are many gallants interested in her, who want to conquer her heart.

Cansu Dere, who has millions of followers in various countries such as Spain and much of Latin America, has opened his heart about love and has said what qualities a man must have to really interest him. Here the statements of the protagonist of “Unfaithful”.

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Cansu Dere is the protagonist of the television series “Unfaithful” (Photo: Cansu Dere/Instagram)


Cansu Dere, the protagonist of the television series “Unfaithful”, spoke with Elle magazine about her career as an actress and about some aspects of her personal life. And it is that in recent years the Turkish actress has achieved great popularity in several countries such as Spain and much of Latin America, so many want to know more about her.

When asked what would be the three most important characteristics of the man who would win her heart, Cansu Dere replied, “It depends on the person, how you made me feel, and the time we spent together. But I know exactly what I don’t like.”

For the Turkish interpreter, sincerity and loyalty are very important, both in her love relationships and in her friendships. She has lived firsthand what it is to suffer from infidelity, just like her character in the television series “Unfaithful”.

And it is that Cansu Dere experienced a great disappointment years ago when her fiancé Cem Yilmaz lw was unfaithful with her best friend, also the actress Ahu Yagtu. But the drama did not end there for her, as the worst would come after her when her ex-partner and her ex-best friend got married.

Since then, the actress has not been known to have a stable partner, but she has been related to several men from the artistic environment of her country, Turkey, including Engin Akyürek and Engin Oztürk.

During the interview with Elle magazine, Cansu Dere also talked about love and when asked, “What do you think is the biggest mistake made in love?”, she replied, “I guess it will last forever.”

Cansu Dere also spoke about the character she plays in the television series “Unfaithful” and stated that she does not share many things with her role in fiction.

“I wouldn’t be in Asya, I wouldn’t be. Because whether a person has a child or not affects the decisions he makes. Determine your behavior. So our reactions to events and the actions we take would be completely different,” he stated.

“There are toxic relationships on the show and characters who can’t get rid of these relationships. And they call it love. Do you think there is a sick and obsessive state of mind in love? Obsessive feelings and behaviors do not exist in love. Love is a beautiful thing”, added the actress, reflecting on relationships.


Cansu Dere, is a well-loved actress inside and outside of Turkey who became known for her leading roles in the successful soap operas “Madre” and “Infiel”. She was born in Ankara on October 14, 1980.

At first, I had a very different career planned than being an actress. She studied Archeology at Istanbul University. She studied for two years and, in 2004, her life changed drastically to dedicate herself to art. MORE DETAILS HERE

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