How is Ebru Şahin different from his character Reyyan in “Hercai”

The telenovela “Hercai: love and revenge” is a production, which due to its great popularity, managed to cross the borders of Turkey and reached several countries in the world. This drama also served Ebru Sahin to become internationally known thanks to her role as Reyyan. Although her character catapulted her to fame, there is something in which the actress differs from the young Sadoglu.

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At the moment, Ebru Sahin has been making preparations for her wedding with the basketball player Cedi Osman, in a ceremony that will take place in June 2022.

Ebru Sahin has had important achievements in the workplace and after starring in the telenovela “Hercai”, also got the main role in the historical series titled “Destan”. There she played the warrior princess Akkiz.

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Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü played Reyyan and Miran, respectively, in the successful Turkish soap opera “Hercai” (Photo: Ebru Şahin/Instagram)

However, many of her fans remember her as Reyyan Sadoglua role that immortalized Ebru Sahin in the successful productionHercai”. Likewise, the actress has made it clear that there is something in this character with which she -in real life- differs from her.

Reyyan in the soap opera "Hercai" (Photo: Mia Yapım)
Reyyan in the soap opera “Hercai” (Photo: Mia Yapım)


In the soap operaHercai” the great romance between Reyyan Y They watch that started in the middle of a conflict between their families due to some problems from years ago.

the hate of They watch toward Reyyan over time it became pure and sincere love; however, they were not free from various situations where the most affected was the young Sadoglu.

It is because of that Ebru Sahin explained, in an interview, how she is different from what her character was in “Hercai”.

“During this period with her (Reyyan) I learned that my limits must be respected and a clear position must be taken towards the abuse of people”he expressed in an interview broadcast by Telemundo in 2021.

In that sense, he explained that in a personal capacity “I couldn’t forgive someone” who has done a lot of damage as he did They watch in fiction.

However he apologizes, he has done unforgivable things. That’s why I will never be as compassionate as Reyyan.”I note.


The famous Turkish actress He was also encouraged to tell more details about his character that managed to captivate thousands of people.

Regarding the beliefs of Reyyanindicated that they are “love and justice” and that is what he values ​​most in people’s lives.

“When we are recording, I try to internalize as much as possible the character of a woman who lives in this city and it makes it easier for me to interpret her.”, he sentenced.

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The couple formed by Miran and Reyyan star in the soap opera "Hercai" (Photo: Mia Yapım)
The couple formed by Miran and Reyyan star in the soap opera “Hercai” (Photo: Mia Yapım)


Ebru Sahin is a Turkish actress and model, winner of multiple awards such as the Golden Butterfly, one of the most important awards in Ottoman entertainment. She is primarily known for her work on “Hercai”.

Şahin was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 18, 1994. Taurus and 1.64 meters tall, the interpreter is considered a reserved person.

Awards and nominations. Although he has very little track record, it is enough for his talent to be recognized. In 2020 Ebru won an Altın Marka Ödülleri award and an Altın Palmiye Ödülleri; both for Best Actress. Last year she won the statuette in the same category at the 46th Altın Kelebek Awards.

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