How hard is love, the new Netflix movie, is it a true story?

Less than a month ago Netflix returned to bet on love. On November 5, the platform added to its catalog How hard is love, a new film that rekindles interest in the romantic genre. Starring Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet and Jimmy O. Yang, the story focuses on failed dates, the consequences of believing in what you see on the internet and the importance of knowing people as they are.

How hard is love encompasses both drama and comedy and romance. From a completely different perspective, he developed a highly innovative story. The official synopsis reads: “After meeting her perfect man on a dating app, a Los Angeles writer travels over 4000 miles to surprise him. But it all turns out to be a hoax”.

Set at Christmas time, How hard is love It is among the most watched on Netflix since it is not only its plot, but also the performances of its actors that made this feature film a success. But, the number of fans that this film garnered around the world have the same question: is it possible that the film is based on a true story? Well, it should be noted that in the age of communication there are certain probabilities, but not in this case.

Dating apps are common in the world and often bring people from different cities together. Nevertheless, Netflix was not based on any true story but was only a great creation of Hernán Jiménez for the platform. Although, it should be noted that the protagonist, Jimmy O. Yang did prepare his character based on other romantic films.

According to what he himself commented, the character of Josh was inspired by other romantic comedies. Among them are Really love, The Kissing booth 2 and Matter of time. Although the role is not exactly a copy of the main characters in these films, the truth is that in order to gain insight into what the protagonist’s creation was, O. Yang decided to pay attention to what was happening in these films.

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