How Evening Primrose Oil Can Enhance Female Orgasm

Can a small capsule of natural ingredient improve women’s sex life? According to an Iranian study relayed by Les Actualités, women who take evening primrose oil capsules would have more satisfying sex. Evening primrose is a herbaceous plant from the Onagraceae family.

This study was conducted with 60 women, some took evening primrose oil daily and others a placebo. During the duration of this study, the participants answered the same questionnaire twice concerning their levels of desire, sexual satisfaction, pain during intercourse, etc. “The results indicate that consumption of evening primrose oil capsules may improve sexual function in women of childbearing age, particularly in the dimensions of orgasm and sexual satisfaction,” the authors noted. study.

The results showed that women taking evening primrose oil saw significant sex improvement on all measures other than pain.

How to explain this link? For scientists, prostaglandin present in evening primrose oil can enhance orgasms by helping to contract the smooth muscles of the reproductive system. This is an observational study, further studies are needed to confirm these results.

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