How El Güero Castro and Cecilia Galliano met

The Mexican producer Jose Alberto Castro and the actress Cecilia Galliano They would have something more than a simple friendship, according to what various entertainment media in their country report. Here we tell you how they met and what else is there between the famous ‘Güero’ and the artist who participated in the successful telenovela “La desalmada”.

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The soulless”Is one of the most successful Mexican productions in recent years. This telenovela caused a great impact in countries like the United States and Mexico itself, when it was broadcast on the channels of ‘Univision’ and ‘Las Estrellas’. Precisely, Castro was the producer of the performance and there he coincided with the Argentine actress, who is also the ex-wife of the interpreter Sebastián Rulli.

The ‘Güero’ as he is known in the artistic world of Mexico, is famous for collaborating in great productions such as “Por Amar sin ley” and “Médicos, linea de vida”. In 2021, Castro was in charge of “La desalmada” where he had actors of the stature of Livia Brito, José Ron and Marjorie de Sousa.

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The television producer and the actress have known each other for years (Photo: El Güero Castro / Cecilia Galliano / Instagram)


The latest information about the possible romance between Cecilia Galliano and ‘Güero’ Castro they have aroused the interest of the Mexican public. It is presumed that their friendship of several years ago would have transpired when both met in the vicinity of “La desalmada.”

The magazine ‘TVNotas’ has been the medium that published a controversial interview in which an alleged friend close to the circle of ‘Güero’ Castro revealed that the producer and the actress have been dating for two months, ensuring that both are very happy in this new stage .

The anonymous character also confessed that the 58-year-old renowned soap opera producer has been the one who took the first step for romance to emerge. Other details that the supposed friend of Castro told was that he would have invited the Argentine actress to go out, who in 2010 was the host of the program “Sabadazo”.


According to information from the Mexican media, through whom he would be a friend of José Alberto Castro, the couple does not dare to make their romance official, since there is a conflict of interest between Televisa and ‘Güero’. The latter is because it would not be the first time that Castro has sentimental ties with the actresses, a fact that has generated discomfort in the television house.

To this information are added some photographs where the couple is seen leaving a restaurant, apparently after enjoying a dinner. The images are more revealing than the information, as it shows the producer by the hand of the artist.

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The curious have not let this information go unnoticed and have linked the relationship that ‘Güero’ and Cecilia Galliano would have with that of their former partners, Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli, who have been dating for almost 10 years.


What you know about Argentina Cecilia Galliano is that she works as an actress and television host. In 2007, she made the covers of newspapers and magazines for her marriage to the young Mexican actor, Sebastian Rulli, with whom you have a child. This union lasted only four years, because in 2011 they announced their final separation.

Since the separation with Rulli, the artist has continued to work on major television productions and projects in Mexico. Regarding her career, we can remember that in 2009 she was the winner of the reality show “Make me laugh and you’ll be a millionaire”.

On the other hand, in 1994, Jose Alberto Castro got married with Angelica Rivera, with whom he had three daughters: Sofía, Regina and Fernanda. This relationship was marked by controversy and ended in 2008. Two years later, the producer would remove the local stage announcing his engagement with the actress Angelique Boyer. The relationship ended in 2014.

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