How does Wolverine return in Deadpool 3? Marvel rumors provide possible answer

New rumors about the upcoming “Deadpool 3” have surfaced. And if they are correct, they could also explain how Wolverine can return.

Yes, Deadpool fans have been waiting for another shredding adventure with their favorite mercenary for a while, considering it’s been four years since the second film. Unfortunately it will be until November 6, 2024 It will be a while before “Deadpool 3” not only marks the return of Ryan Reynolds in his signature role, but also his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There was already a first appetizer with the announcement that Hugh Jackman would return as Wolverine. A sensation that could financially catapult the film into the spheres of a “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

How the mutant with an indestructible adamantium skeleton and claws is supposed to return is the great mystery of “Deadpool 3”. Actually, Jackman had already said goodbye to this role with “Logan – The Wolverine”, in which he dies a hero’s death at the end. The obvious answer is the multiverse. In some other universe, a Wolverine runs around happily, happily sinking his claws into the bodies of the unfortunate. Et voilà, there he is again. Too simplistic you say? True, but that’s exactly what a rumor could indicate that Owen Wilson will be starring as Time Variance Authority (TVA) analyst Mobius in Deadpool 3 (via CBR).

Since the mercenary with the kodder snout in “Deadpool 2” is known to have changed some things in the past thanks to Cable’s (Josh Brolin) time travel device and allegedly created new timelines with it, he should be in the sights of the TVA. However, Mobius and probably also TVA agents like Hunter B-15 are inferior to Deadpool in terms of fighting power. It would take someone who can take on him – someone like Wolverine.

In this way, the two masters of destruction could first smash each other’s skulls in, and then finally pull themselves together and act together against the TVA: win-win-win for those responsible, the story and the fans. You want to know what else awaits you in the MCU next to “Deadpool 3”? Then take a look at our video.

Deadpool 3 Casting Rumor: Is (Lady) Death Coming?

Another rumor sounds much more promising in this regard: The team around director Shawn Levy is looking for an actress between the ages of 30 and 50 for the role of the big opponent in “Deadpool 3”. She will therefore fight against Deadpool 3 and Wolverine.

One possibility – and we’re going to throw in our own thoughts here – would be (Lady) Death. This entity embodies death and in this regard is capable of manipulating time and reality. She is among the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe and has a special connection to both Thanos and Deadpool. Thus, in the comics, the two are rivals in the fight for the love of (Lady) Death.

If the Final Destination movies have taught us anything, it’s that death doesn’t let itself be tricked, and certainly doesn’t approve of being deprived of souls. Maybe (Lady) Death could pay a visit to Deadpool in “Deadpool 3”. And maybe she uses the powers of Wolverine, whom she brings back from the afterlife for this job. Supporting this scenario is that TVA’s Mobius would still fit in here.

Another possibility would be Yuriko Oyama aka Lady Deathstrike. According to the casting rumor, a male actor is also being sought who is said to have “many scenes with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman” and is also humorous.

The names that have fallen most in fan circles in this context are Lady Deathstrike and Mojo. The former previously appeared in X-Men 2, which you can stream on Disney+, and was portrayed by Kelly Hu. Like Wolverine, she has an adamantium skeleton and claws. Mojo or Mojoworld was again already hinted at in “Deadpool 2”. So Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) explained that he was an alien from the planet Mojoworld. The invertebrate Mojo has magical abilities, but also technical gadgets and is considered a master of manipulation.

All of this is mind games based on rumours. The first tangible details shouldn’t be long in coming, however, and shooting is scheduled to begin in January 2023.

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