How does The Wife I Know end? Explanation of the ending

The Wife I Know is a drama full of lessons about relationships and adult life, do you remember how the K-Drama ends? We tell you what happened in the final episode and where you can watch this series.

This is a tvN drama that premiered in 2018, featured Ji Sung Y Han Ji-min as the protagonist, so throughout history we saw them give life to a couple. Before we get into what happened in the last chapter of Family Wifelet’s remember a little what the Korean series is about.

The Wife I Know introduces us to the life of Joo Hyuk and Woo JinThey have been married for five years and have two children. While he works hard at a bank, she is a masseuse who is no longer happy with her marriage and the life they lead as a family, she faces a lot of stress and has too many tasks every day.

Desperate for his situation, Cha Joo Hyuk leaves home and while taking a subway ride, a man gives him two coins that make him go back in time, will he change his future or will he learn from the mistakes he has made?

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Familiar Wife finale episode, Cha Joo Hyuk and Seo Woo Jin end up together?

In the last chapter of the K-Drama, we see the protagonists approach the present where everything started, they get married and start a family, but this time they are building their family life in a different way. They have learned lessons from the good and bad times and we see that every moment.

Now, Cha Joo Hyun and Seo Woo Jin they work as a team to get the kids ready before starting the day and are also co-workers at the bank. That day an important announcement is made and Seo Woo Jin will be the new team leader, although some make fun of Joo Hyuk because his wife moved up earlier, he announces that he feels happy for her and reveals that he feels good with the job that he performs at that time.

Despite this, this boy continues to prepare for an exam that could give him a new position, but on the day of the test an accident occurs at the bank and Woo Jin does not come to pick up the children on time. Joo Hyuk and she travel from different points to reunite with their little ones and in the end everything works out, so the protagonist receives the long-awaited promotion from him.

The ending of The Wife I Know It happens when the grandmother takes care of the children of this family, so Woo Jin and Joo Hyuk can enjoy a moment together where they show how much they love each other and how much they have learned.

Ji Sung in the drama Family Wife. | Source: Twitter @DramapediaBR

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Where to watch the drama The Wife I Know with Spanish subtitles?

This drama is available within the YouTube catalog and has a total of 16 episodes. The chapters of the series are also on YouTube, there you can find it under the name of The Wife I Want.

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