How did Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo become friends? The actor reveals it

Did you know that BTS’s Jungkook and drama actor Yeo Jin Goo are very close? They have known each other for years and have had several on-camera interactions that revealed their friendship. Now you can learn the true story of how they met for the first time.

the boys of bts they have a very solid friendship with each other, but over time, they have also become close to other celebrities in the entertainment world in South Korea.

In Jungkook’s case, one of his friendships best known is the one that maintains with the actor Yeo Jin Goowith whom we have seen in some clips and photos, but also through the comments they give about each other.

Although we know very well that these guys are very close, we didn’t know too much about the story of how they became friendsbut now Yeo Jin Goo confesses the way they first met.

Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo. | Source: Twitter @Bulleproof_Team

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Jungkook and Yeo Jin Goo had a great connection ever since they met.

The korean actor told that jungkook and he has a mutual friend, Yeo Jin Goo knows that boy because they play soccer together from time to time, but one day when he decided to visit him at home, there was the K-Pop idol and member of BTS.

Jungkook from BTS. | Source: Twitter @SoftKSJ_

When they chatted and realized that they were both born in 1997, they began to become close, as neither of them knew many celebrities who were their own age. AWW!

Jungkook didn’t have any actor friends and I didn’t have any idol friends, so we were glad to become friends with someone born in 1997.

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Yeo Jin Go always supports Jungkook like a good friend

Although the actor said that when they met Jungkook was already famous, now he is more so, so he is always careful when sharing details of the friendship that unites them. But yes, he is always ready to encourage him and show his support in each project:

Still, he’s still a friend I’m glad to be close with and always root for.

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