How Arcane Really Connects with League of Legends

Arcane discusses the origins of popular League of Legends characters, but also changes some details about the previously established stories. Here’s how the Netflix animated series connects with the game’s mythology (via Collider).

In League of Legends, Powder is known as Jinx, a name he also receives at one time from Arcane. A manic resident of Zaun, Jinx is known to wreak havoc on Piltover with her creative weaponry and contempt for others.

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Arcane has provided answers to some parts of Jinx’s origins that were once mysteries, namely, how she came to be what she was and why she is obsessed with Vi.

Arcane reveals that Jinx and Vi are sisters and that a young Jinx has apparently been adopted by a villain named Silco, whose desire is clearly to make the citizens of Piltover respect Zaun through brute, bloody force.

This gives an extra context to Jinx’s personality, showing that his unstable mindset is the result of personal trauma.

Changes in League of Legends Mythology

The revelation of Jinx and Vi being sisters changes both stories, but Vi’s story also undergoes another change, namely, in the fate of their gang and the introduction of Vander.

In the original mythology, Vi was the leader of a small gang who teamed up with another Zaun gang to carry out a daring assault. But the job went horribly wrong when Vi’s partners betrayed her and put the lives of innocent people and her gang at risk.

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After a fight that turned infamous on the streets of Zaun, Vi disappeared for several years before re-emerging as an ally of Piltover.

Arcane changes most of this backstory. Vander, a kind man who protects Vi and his gang after they lose their parents in a battle between Piltover and Zaun, is the catalyst for these changes, not least because his inclusion changes the context of the confrontation for Vi and his gang.

Instead of a simple street robbery, a desperate rescue mission to save Vander from Silco is tackled, though the end is no less tragic.

After the mission goes awry, when Powder tries to help and sets off a magic bomb, Vi’s entire gang, including Vander, meets a bloody end. Ultimately, this change is a boon to Vi’s story, adding more nuance to his origins.

Arcane, an animated series based on League of Legends, is available from Netflix.

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