How and where to save?

Careful with a credit card

In addition to a debit card, most banks also offer a credit card with which you can save. Banks offer various discounts and bonuses when buying with a credit card. TIP: To save money, you must return credit payments in an interest-free period.

Click on the energy supplier

Energy costs make up a significant part of the family budget. And given the current situation, this spending will increase. TIP: Get an overview of who can supply you with energy and for how much.

Mobile calling

Compare operators You can also save money by comparing the offers of mobile operators. Above all, the prices of the unlimited tariff vary significantly. TIP: Calculate if the family package for one sum together with the internet will not pay off. TIP: If you tell your provider that you know of a better competitive offer, they can offer you a better price.

Pay on time

Missing a deadline when paying for a phone, energy or loan can be expensive. A few days of delay can suck hundreds of crowns extra. TIP: Set up a standing order for regular payments.

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