How and at what time to see “La promesa”, the new TVE series on La 1

it’s a new TV series which will be released very soon in Spain. The production created by Josep Cister Rubio is based on the successful “Downton Abbey” and features the stars Ana Garcés, María Castro and Eva Martín in its cast.

In fiction, whose events take place in 1913, the young Janna he seeks to find justice for his mother murdered 15 years ago and to investigate the whereabouts of his brother, kidnapped when he was a newborn. To do this, he must interact with the Marquis of Lujan.

Do you want to know how and at what time to see “The Promise”? In the following lines, we reveal what we know about the launch of the project in The 1.


The Serie “The promise” will be released on Thursday, January 12, 2023with a double chapter and after a special of the program “The hunter”.

At first, it was believed that its broadcast would begin on January 11. However, the date was changed in order not to compete against “Scandal: story of an obsession” of Telecinco.

The cast of “The Promise” (Photo: RTVE)


“The promise” will be released in schedule prime time the day of its premiere. That is, it will be broadcast on January 12 at 10:00 p.m.

However, from Friday, January 13, 2023will be broadcast daily: from Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m.. This, then, will take the place it occupied “Beautiful Germany”.


The Serie “The promise” can be seen in Spain through the signal the 1the first channel of Spanish Television (TVE). The program will also be available through the streaming platform RTVE Playonline and live.


According to the whole world is on the brink of the abyss in 1913, but there are havens of peace isolated from conflicts. Like the La Promesa Palace, in the Los Pedroches valley, property of the Marquises of Lujanone of the largest landowners in the country.

That day the Palace dresses up to celebrate the wedding of the heir, Thomas. Just finished the invitation, the appearance of an airplane attracts everyone’s attention. he pilots it Manuel (Arturo Sancho), son of the Marquises. Suddenly, the device loses altitude until it crashes. Manuel is about to be consumed by flames; but someone manages to save him: Jana (Ana Garces).

The Marquis offers her a financial reward, but she only wants a job in the Palace and has a clear motive: to do justice to her mother, murdered fifteen years ago, and to investigate the whereabouts of her brother, kidnapped when he was a newborn. And the only clue she has is related to the Marqueses of Luján. The time has come to take revenge on her. There is only one element that she had not counted on: Manuelson of the Marquises… and the last person she would expect to fall in love with.


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