Housing tax 2022: do you still have to pay it this year?

The housing tax reform is coming to an end soon. Since 2020, a large part of the population is exempt from this tax, but the richest households still have to pay it in 2022. Find out if you are part of it and how much you will have to pay.

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Taxes come back every year: income tax, property tax, housing tax… If the latter is doomed to disappear from here 2023, part of the population still has to pay for it in the coming years. Six million homes will pay it again this year, either 20 % the French.

Who is concerned ? The wealthiest taxpayers, who exceed a certain amount of annual income, redefined every year. The amount of your annual income is indicated on your income tax notice.

The abolition of the housing tax will be done gradually, over five years. In 2022, a large majority of French households will not have to pay this tax. Those who continue to pay this tax this year, the richest households, will be able to benefit from a 65% exemption on their main residence, regardless of the amount of their income.

In 2022, only 20% of households still have to pay housing tax. The good news is that the amount of this tax will be reduced again. The housing tax is doomed to disappear completely in 2023, except for second homes, which will always be taxed.

Attention, those liable forreal estate wealth tax (IFI) must pay the full housing tax until 2022. They will then be fully exempt in 2023. Only main residences are concerned.

To get an idea, and find out if your income allows you to avoid housing tax or not, consult the reference table established by the site impots.gouv.fr. Please note, these reference incomes are those of 2021: the numbers could change for 2022. However, it is unlikely that the changes made will be very significant.

Housing tax 2022: do you still have to pay it this year?Housing tax 2022: do you still have to pay it this year?Housing tax 2022: do you still have to pay it this year?

One simulator Also allows you to find out more precisely if you are subject to tax, based on your 2020 benchmark tax income, and the number of shares in your household.

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Conversely, 80% of French people are freed from this tax on their main residence. Those who have been exempt since 2020 have a benchmark tax income lower than 27 761 euros for a share of the family quotient. If other shares are added to your annual income, you can see the amount of the different thresholds not to be exceeded on the summary table published by BFMTV. Depending on the number of units declared, this threshold is adjusted: if you have any doubts, you can check how much housing tax you are likely to pay thanks to the simulator posted on the tax website.

Note: depending on their resources, the people over 60 years, the people widows who live with their unemployed child and who have only low incomes are totally exempt from this tax.

If you do not have to pay the tax this year, do not be surprised to receive a council tax notice in October: it is about the TV license, a value of 138 euros, which is paid by all households that own a television. These taxes are usually due in the fall: you don’t have to worry about this until October or November 2022.

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