Housekeepers: the negotiations are broken off, “We are increasing this by 20%”

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Thursday, between 500 and 600 housekeepers demonstrated in the streets of the capital to denounce, among other things, the weakness of their travel allowances. The common front warns: there will be other actions.

The unions qualify the meeting on Friday morning as a “real declaration of war”. “The employers dared to come to the negotiating table with a lower statement than what had been proposed so far. “

Federgon believes for its part that “the employers have gone to the end of the possibilities in their proposal”, the latter qualifying the attitude of the unions “incomprehensible”.

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“We even accepted the union’s request to increase intervention in transport costs”, supports the CEO of the employers’ federation, Ann Cattelain. “We are increasing it by 20%. “

According to the unions, this 20% increase actually represents 2 cents per kilometer, which would bring the defrayal to 15 cents per kilometer between two customers, “while the state sets this compensation at 37 cents”.

“Today, it is high time that the federal and regional governments question the legitimacy of these commercial companies affiliated with Federgon and the use they make of public money”, underline the workers’ representatives. “For housekeepers, the cup is full and governments must take their responsibilities towards these employers without scruples towards the workers they employ. “

Other actions will follow, specifies the common union front.

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