“House of the Dragon”: this is how they made Viserys’ sick face look so realistic

King Viserys from “House of the Dragon” was key in season 1 of the HBO Max series which was one of the great novelties of 2022. The character was masterfully interpreted by Paddy Considine and there was a moment that stood out in this installment: the shocking scene of his face deteriorated by the disease. How did they make that effect possible?

Viserys It is the cornerstone of the first stage of the program and of what will come in the new chapters. The monarch’s health gradually collapsed as a metaphor for what will happen to the house targaryens in the future, what was seen in “Game of Thrones”.

But before you get to that point, King Viserys began by controlling his illness and failing to avoid an internal confrontation for power among his relatives, seeing that his life was fading faster than before.

In that dispute two positions were raised, those of Rhaenyra and Alicentwho will be in charge of continuing the story after the death of Viserys in chapter 8 of “House of the Dragon”. The fans of the show, in this way, were shocked by the realism of the battered face of the king.

Paddy Considine playing King Viserys I in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)


The company The Mill used different methods to make reality the decayed face of Viserys but without sacrificing the expressions of Paddy Considine in the sceneswhen the king is about to die in season 1 of “House of the Dragon”. This is how he stated Mike Bellthe visual effects supervisor of the HBO Max series.

“When the mask is removed, it was a 3D construct put on the thinner, gaunter version of King Viserys. It is a combination of 2D and 3D tracking methods for the actual hole in his eye wound and missing cheek. Because, obviously, you needed to see the interior at that time. You needed to see all the muscles and teeth.”explained Bell in an interview with .

He added that, at all times, the intention was keep the traits of Considine during chapter 8 of the program, so we also worked together with those responsible for makeup. In this way, a visual effect was achieved that does not harm the performance at a key moment in the show.

“It was decided very early on that they would definitely keep the eyes and mouth (…). We also use as much as we can of what the makeup department did back in the day, with the wounds on her cheek.”Bell explained.

  Viserys Targaryen in her last moments of life during "House of the Dragon" (Photo: HBO)

Viserys Targaryen in her last moments of life during “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)


The Serie “House of the Dragon” premiered on Sunday, August 21 through the streaming platform HBO Max. The series broadcasts new chapters of the prequel of “game of Thrones” every Sunday. You can see the new production in this .

Here you can see the official trailer of the HBO Max series:

Game Of Thrones Prequel |  House of the Dragon
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