House of the Dragon: the cast reveals the difficulties they had on the set and George RR Martin jokes about the books

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022 the protagonists of House of the Dragon and George RR Martin presented the series, revealing curiosity and background.

House of the Dragonthe Game of Thrones prequel spinoff, starred at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 with a panel attended by some of the cast members, George RR Martin and the producers.
Fans, however, will have to wait a little longer to see the new extended trailer that will be released by Discovery during Shark Week, starting tomorrow.

In the House of the Dragon video shown at Comic-Con, according to the descriptions of those present, there are many dragons and Matt Smith is shown wearing armor.
The British actor, speaking of his character, explained that everything is about his brother and that Daemon wants to be next to the Iron Throne, but has to deal with the rivalry of the king’s daughter.

Steve Toussaint instead told that his character, Corlys Velaryon or the Sea Serpent, will be shown after having completed numerous adventures and when he is already very rich. HBO has already announced that a prequel series dedicated to his exploits is in development.
Toussaint also spoke of the racist comments received: “It doesn’t matter to me if people outside the project find it hard to accept that someone who looks like me has the role, it’s their problem, not mine“.

Olivia Cooke then said that the swimsuits were particularly challenging and that going to the bathroom, for women, was really a nightmare because of the long skirts. Smith complained instead about the wigs, which took an hour and a half to apply.

Paddy Considine instead learned to speak Alto Valyrio and tried to steal a knife, asking the top management of HBO to give it to him.

Writer Ryan Condal said there will be 17 dragons alive at the start of the series. George RR Martin has seen the first nine episodes and revealed that they are fabulous. The writer then recalled that House of the Dragon is inspired by a historical period before the Wars of the Roses, horrible and bloody, pointing out why a woman could not rise to power: “I don’t think Westeros is more misogynistic than real life“.

George then pointed out that when a story like his has so many characters and timelines “there is always a tendency to simplify“, but he refuses to make everything easier because the intelligence of the audience should not be underestimated. The most interesting characters, according to him, are those who”they have good and evil within them and it all depends on the choices they make“.

Matt Smith spoke of the transition from playing Doctor Who to a series like House of the Dragon declaring that he always tries to face new challenges as an actor, putting himself to the test, also considering that he had many points in common with the Doctor.

Matt also answered a question about Morbius, which he didn’t immediately understand, stating that a vampire would definitely have a bit of a problem in Westeros.

George RR Martin will not have a cameo in House of the Dragon because he is busy writing the books, ironically pointing out “I don’t know if you have forgotten, I have yet to write a book and I am a bit late“, and there are many obstacles caused by COVID as well. The writer recalled that in Game of thrones a severed head had to appear with his face, but it was too expensive to make and they decided to use props already made, including one which portrayed George Bush, a situation that got them into trouble.

On the set, however, after the problem with Game of Thrones, cups of coffee were not banned.

Here is also the poster created for the event:

House of the Dragon: the poster created for San Diego Comic-Con 2022

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