House of Cards: Kevin Spacey sentenced to pay a large sum of money to the production

It doesn’t feel good being Kevin Spacey is right now. Indeed, the production company MRC has just won a lawsuit against the actor. The latter was sentenced to pay a large sum of money because of his eviction on the series “House of Cards”.

The first Netflix series

In 2013, Netflix launched its first original series, House of Cards, created by Beau Willimon. This is the remake of the eponymous British mini-series which aired in the 1990s. Kevin Spacey, actor at the two Oscars, was, until season 5, the main figure of this series. However, the various accusations of sexual harassment that fell against him prompted the production of the show to revamp the series and separate from the actor.

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House of Cards © Media Rights Capital

Thereby, last season’s script has been overhauled to exclude Kevin Spacey and give more space to Robin Wright. But these changes resulted in financial losses at Media Rights Capital (MRC), the production box of House of Cards. Likewise, season 6, which was to last 13 episodes, was shortened to 8 episodes. Faced with these changes, and the resulting financial losses, MCR decided to initiate proceedings against Kevin Spacey in 2019.

Kevin Spacey ordered to pay $ 31 million to production

The actor was ordered to pay the sum of $ 31 million to MCR who produces the series House of Cards. The reason: a payment of damages to reimburse the financial losses of the show after the dismissal of Kevin Spacey.

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) - House of Cards
Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) – House of Cards ©Media Rights Capital

The MRC company based its argument on the fact that the forced departure of Kevin Spacey, following the sexual accusations against him, resulted in a weakening of the series, and many economic and artistic changes. Justice therefore ordered the actor to pay $ 31 million to MRC. As for the series, it ended in 2018 after six seasons, allowing Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright to both leave with a Golden Globes for Best Actor / Actress in a Drama Series.

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