Hospitalization of Sérgio Hondjakoff: actor starts drug treatment after outbreak and threat to father

“Who has never been through this has a vision when they see that video [da ameaça ao pai]. For the people who went through it, for the families who go through it, it’s another vision. I saw it as a cry for help too. I talked a lot with him, until I convinced him to come here,” he said.

According to Rafael, a colleague who was in Rio de Janeiro, where Sérgio lives, also spoke to him personally. After that, all the procedures were started and a team from the clinic from Sorocaba went to Cidade Maravilhosa to take the artist to the interior of São Paulo.

Sérgio Hondjakoff recorded a video before admission and apologized to his father for the threats he made to him.

Rafael Ilha was also involved with drugs

In an interview, Rafael Ilha already recalled his fight against drug addiction. Champion of “A Fazenda 10”, the singer revealed that he had nine overdoses and smoked 70 rocks of crack a day.

“From 12 to 13 years old, it was the time when I discovered drugs. Alcohol and marijuana, through little parties I went to. When I joined Polegar, I stopped everything. I discovered cocaine at 15 years old. , through an older girlfriend I had. She said ‘do you want to try it?’, I tried it and I immediately became an addict. That same year, I went through my first hospitalization”, TV Band Vale.

“I’ve had nine overdoses with cardiac arrest. When I stopped crack, I was smoking 70 stones a day. Today, I’m 60, 62 kilos. At the time, I was 42. The drug took me to the bottom.” declared.

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