Horror in France: Mya, a 3-year-old dog victim of rare cruelty, is “traumatized”, her owners sexually abused her for “sordid” videos

Mya, a 3-year-old Canary Mastiff, was the victim of rare cruelty. Between 2018 and 2029, his masters sexually abused him in Cintray, in the French departure of Eure-et-Loir.

On sordid videos, shot in a basement, the husband tried to sexually penetrate the dog with brutality. The woman filmed the scenes and gave the instructions, she also actively helped her husband, holding Mya’s paws and asking the dog to lick the man’s sex “, reveals the Stéphane Lamart association, which discovered the facts.

Other very violent abuses were also denounced by the association for the defense of animals: ” The animal is traumatized “, she declared to France 3. In addition, the dog was in poor health and the diagnosis of the veterinarian established that she was “abnormally thin, limped and had a twisted leg”.

The animal was collected in June 2019 by the Stéphane Lamart association and has since found a foster family: ” Mya was followed by a behaviorist to restore her confidence in human beings, it was a long job, but today she is fine “.


The couple responsible for these atrocities was summoned to court on November 10, 2022: “
Animals are not sexual objects but sentient beings. Rape can cause behavioral problems in animals such as withdrawal, aggressiveness, a constant fear of others, in addition to extreme and major internal damage.
“recalls the association.

The former masters were sentenced to 18 months in prison suspended probation for 2 years with care obligations. They also received a lifetime ban on owning an animal. ” This decision is a strong signal of protection for animals with a jurisdiction that could not go to prison because of the clean criminal records of the three individuals, but which is high enough to make it clear that animals must be respected. Mya will no longer cross their path and they will never be able to have animals with them again, which is an additional satisfaction. “, declared the lawyer of the association, who had constituted a civil party.

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