Horror at its best: Netflix trailer announces extremely disturbing experience

Netflix has secured the rights to Taiwanese horror film Incantation. The released trailer gives an idea of ​​what a horror awaits.

Good horror films are not characterized by excessively bloody depictions of violence, that’s more a feature of the splatter subgenre. But they are also not characterized by forced moments of shock every minute. Basically, that’s even a sign of a bad production, in which you don’t know what to do other than resort to such a trick to elicit a reaction from the audience at all.

In fact, good horror films are based on the fact that the viewers process the information provided long after it has been enjoyed and that the horror reverberates in the memory like an echo. Anyone who has seen “The Wailing” by Na Hong-jin should know what is meant here.

Horror films from Asia in particular are often adept at exceeding the expectations of the audience by putting a face on the horror – but it’s not the evil that’s given a face here, but the victims. While the protagonists in many horror works wait like sheep to be led to the slaughterhouse, many Asian horror films witness the fates of individuals. This makes the audience all the more aware that it is lives that are being wiped out here.

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The Taiwanese filmmaker Kevin Ko also follows this maxim. His horror film “Incantation” became a box office hit in his native Taiwan and has already been dubbed “Taiwan’s scariest film ever”. And you can now get an idea of ​​that for yourself with the just released trailer:

Incantation – Trailer OmeU

“Incantation”: A desperate mother must protect her child from a curse

For director Kevin Ko, the focus of “Incantation” was not on the superficial horror, but rather on the mother-child relationship, a woman’s desperate attempt to protect her child from a curse. He knows how to frighten audiences with effects, but more important is human nature and the audience’s ability to bond with the characters.

Netflix has splashed out and already secured the found-footage-style horror film. At the July 8, 2022 it is provided via the streaming service. A godsend for Netflix’s Janelle Ong (via The Hollywood Reporters):

“’Incantation’ has resonated with Taiwanese audiences. And we are happy to share this film with our subscribers around the world. Asian horror has had a significant impact on the genre and taken it to new heights. And we’re proud to be collaborating with a new generation of Asian filmmakers who create films that define what horror means to today’s viewers.”

As early as the early 2000s, the first wave of Asian horror films swept the world with works like “The Ring” and “Ju-On – The Curse”. Hollywood then brought out countless remakes, which were often inferior to the templates. Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, Western audiences can enjoy new films and series such as “Kingdom” and “All of Us Are Dead”.

This horror quiz isn’t even that easy if you’re constantly covering your eyes from sheer terror. But you as true experts will certainly not have any problems, right? prove yourself:

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