"Horrible !", "Really bad…" : Miss Dominique atomized for her return to France to an incredible talent!

The youngest surely do not remember her vocal flights at the Pavillon Baltard in 2006. And yet it was that year that Miss Dominique became known to the general public while she was participating in the show. The new star on M6. The Martiniquaise reached the final where she failed in front of a certain Christophe Willem. Fifteen years after this fabulous journey, the singer wanted to remember the good memories of TV hooks by joining another program of the sixth channel, France has an incredible talent. And something rather incongruous, the West Indian found the one who had contributed to his progress, Marianne James.

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A reunion which also surprised the latter who asked him: “Is it really you? But what are you doing there? “” I come to reconnect with my audience …“, replied Miss Dominique, overwhelmed by emotion. It must be said that the hormones of the forties are probably in turmoil since it is a few months pregnant that the artist appeared before the jury.”Your diaphragm is very high because of your baby pushing up“, warns Marianne James.

Internet users not convinced by the recovery of Whitney Houston

Accompanied by a pianist, Miss Domnique is engaged in an acoustic cover of “Run to you” by Whitney Houston. A daring choice that has not really thrilled Internet users. Far from there. “Is it me or #missdominique it was calamitous ??? “,” I had a good memory of #missdominique but now I admit that I did not hook, and the piano version was very weird … ” , “reassure me I have Perché or what ?? !! What was this horror. Omg the massacre. Whitney Houston has to roll over in her grave, “” It was really bad, it stung my ears. it was much better at the time of the new star. “,” The piano arrangement is horrible “,” Very good numbers, on the other hand I like Miss Dominique a lot, but yesterday she shot the song by Withney Houston ” , “I agree with all the people, Miss Dominique sang out of tune and I don’t understand the choice of the 4 yes“, can we read on Twitter.

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