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“MasterChef Celebrity 3”: a participant accused her colleagues of being envious

"Titans in the Ring" returned with Paulina Karadagian, daughter of the historic Martín, at the helm.  Photo: Rubén Paredes (Chronicle).

Paulina Karadagian enjoys the return of “Titans in the Ring”: “I watch the audience and I realize that they are leaving happy”

Joaquín Levinton, one of the protagonists in "MasterChef Celebrity 3".

“Masterchef Celebrity 3”: Joaquín Levinton stood out again with a particular name for a dish

Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado have no peace.

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Luciana Salazar broke out of the fight against Martín Redrado and Lulú Sanguinetti: they reveal the reasons

Tini Stoessel would have stolen the choreography from one of Lionel Messi's friends.

They accuse Tini Stoessel of stealing dance steps from a popular Argentine soccer player

The son of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero is already a future influencer.

Mica Viciconte confirmed her pregnancy and made an Instagram of her son Luca: the unusual number of followers

What are Jey Mammón's plans?

Jey Mammón is leaving America: what plans does he have

Lali González's well-deserved rest in Asunción came to an end.

“La 1-5 / 18”: Lali González returned to Argentina after her relaxing vacation in Paraguay

What did Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares say about Evelyn Von Brocke's decision?

Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares made reference to the resignation of Evelyn von Brocke: “There was a topic …”

What did Nicole Neumann say after Mica Viciconte announced that she is pregnant with Fabián Cubero?

The striking post of Nicole Neumann after Mica Viciconte announces her pregnancy with Fabián Cubero

Rita worries about the relationship between Mati and Lautaro.

“La 1-5 / 18”: the tense coexistence between Lautaro and Mati, given Rita’s fear of their secret

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