Horoscope for today May 13: the signs that will get the salary increase they want

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Business: marches and countermarches. There are difficulties, but positive news will come.

Business: others find excuses to argue, but you already have what you need.

Business: job stress. Nobody wants to listen and there is confusion. You will need a mediator.

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Horoscope for today May 13.

Business: many options in front of you. The requirements will vary. It is convenient to make a synthesis.

Business: New alternatives increase profits. Retrieve clients; improve offers.

Business: if you bet on creativity, your environment will become entangled in arguments. Need to control.

Business: if he becomes indecisive, the pressure will increase; it will be opportune to slow down.

Business: your creative virtue will stand out. He will make his work better known.

Business: excellent time to ask for an increase in income. Criticism should be ignored.

If there is money to Sagittarius, celebrate it and spend it and enjoy it. If he lacks, then he knows how to be without it, make cheap plans and fill the fridge with the basics. And always trusting that better times will come and you can treat yourself.

Business: inner harmony. Serenity will allow you to reject the urgencies.

Business: changes. It causes modifications that will give a new direction to the business.

Business: his forte will be good taste. Influential people will ask for your work.

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Horoscope for today May 13.

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