Horizon: Kevin Costner wants to turn his western into four films

Kevin Costner is working on a great new western project called Horizon, which he will also direct, but the actor would like to divide it into four parts.

Kevin Costner is ready to return to the cinema as a director with a new great project, Horizon, an epic western that created a lot of hype among fans. The actor would like divide it into four partssince the concept is really huge.

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Horizon will be Kevin Costner’s fourth feature film as director following Dances with Wolves (1990), Man of the Day After (1997) and [FILM=/film/terra-di-confine-open-range_1425/]Borderland – Open Range / FILM. Apparently, however, the concept of this new project is really vast, which is why Kevin Costner would like to divide it into four films.

During an interview with Variety, Kevin Costner himself stated that he would like to make four films of about 2H and 45 each. The actor also said Warner Bros. Studios and New Line Cinema approved the project, which was sold as an event film: “Audiences will first see it in four parts of two hours and forty-five minutes. And then, every three months, an episode will come out.”

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Additionally, Kevin Costner also added that women will play a pivotal role in this saga: “It involves a lot of women, to tell the truth. There are also a lot of men, but women are really strong in Horizon and they try to get by, day after day, in an incredibly difficult world. They were often dragged to these places because it was where the men are. they wanted to go. They hadn’t asked them to move to inhospitable and dangerous territories, and life wasn’t easy at the time. I wanted to insist that it wasn’t easy for them to point out human vulnerability in general. “.

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