Honzík (11) is a dude: He helped a lost boy (4)

Honzík called line 158 last week around four o’clock in the afternoon. “We found one boy who lost his mom,” were his first words. The operator then asked where they were with the boy. “I’ll tell you the lamp number, it’s 418929,” the brave schoolboy described promptly. During the phone call, the officer was still trying to find out if the little boy was okay. “Is he okay? Is he not bleeding or injured? ”He asked. But Honzík assured him that he was really lost. “Perfect job, I’m sending a police patrol there. “Stay there,” said the compliment.

Thanks from uniforms

Even before the arrival of the police, the mother picked up her son at the rescuer’s. Honzík did not leave and, according to the agreement, waited for the patrol to arrive. “He told them the whole event and the fact that his mother had already taken the boy away. In the end, he heard thanks from law enforcement for his exemplary behavior towards someone who just needed help, “said police spokesman Jan Rybanský.

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