Hong Kong, citizens hit by tough anti-Covid restrictions but politicians are infected at parties: 19 positive deputies after a birthday

Dozens of politicians and new deputies from Hong Kong were put in forty after a Covid case linked to a birthday party which was attended by many members of the city’s elite, jeopardizing the first meeting next week of the local parliament renewed at the end of 2021. Ben 19 deputies of the Legislative Council’s 90 total were among the 170 people who attended the birthday party of Witman Hung, Hong Kong’s representative in the Beijing National People’s Congress, despite draconian rules against the dreaded Omicron variant wave. Among them was the secretary of internal affairs Caspar Tsui and the police commissioner Raymond Siu, stated the Carrie Blue, chief executive of the former British colony.

The scandal is unleashing the citizens’ anger in Hong Kong which in recent months has implemented a rigorous strategy of eliminating Covid. This week, due to the increase in Omicron cases, it was also banned from dining indoors after 6pm. 140 cases of Omicron in Hong Kong, the government said. Citizens’ anger is also understandable in relation to the fact that, always with the excuse of anti-pandemic restrictions to fight Covid-19, the government had peaceful demonstrations prohibited pro-democracy and those in memory of the facts of Tiananmen Square, condemning three activists for a peaceful vigil in December.

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