Honest Ulrika Jonsson: ‘My face is about to collapse’

Most people have, at some point when they have looked in the mirror, experienced that they were not satisfied with what they saw.

This is also the case for the Swedish-British TV host Ulrika Jonsson.

In an interview with The Independent she talks about her insecurities when she looks in the mirror – insecurities that she also had when she was in her twenties.

“Fast forward to my 50s and ‘putting on my face’ takes an hour. All I see is how my face is collapsing. Except for the hairs on my chin. There are many of them,’ she tells the newspaper.

Ulrika Jonsson has previously written for The Sun, and here too the 55-year-old TV presenter has written about the scrutiny and pressure on the perfect body in women.

“Women have been programmed to separate themselves and tell themselves that they are not good enough,” says Jonsson.

“I admit, I do it daily – I try to avoid mirrors for that very reason, because I’m going to look into them and tear everything about me apart.”

According to The Independent, it was actually former first lady Michelle Obama’s new book, ‘The Light We Carry’, that made her talk about her insecurities in the first place.

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