Homemade tricks to wash white clothes and make them impeccable

If you want your white clothes to look bright in summer and it doesn’t turn yellowish, you can’t just put it in the washing machine and nothing else. You will have to dedicate some more time to treat the stains, that is why we bring you a series of remedies so you don’t have to soak it for hours or wash it by hand.

So that your white shirt or t-shirt recovers its good appearance and makes its whiteness last much longer, today we show you how to wash white clothes with some simple homemade tricks to do it by hand or machine and that is perfect in a matter of minutes. Take note.

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Homemade tricks to whiten clothes

1. Baking soda

Among the most effective products to wash a white shirt without using chlorine or bleach is baking soda. Helps to remove stains, providing softness to garments. You only have to add half a cup to the detergent and wash as usual.

It is cheap, easy to obtain and acts in depth on the garments, removing stains without difficulty. If you want it to be even more effective you can mix it with white vinegar. For more stubborn stains, apply it mixed with a little lemon juice on the stain.

2. Lemon juice

To whiten clothes with lemon juice, fill a pot with water and lemon slices and bring it to a boil. Soak white t-shirts and other garments for an hour before washing them as usual.

Lemon juice removes all kinds of dirt and leaves white clothes sparkling. (Photo: Pixabay)

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

It is another of the products that help whiten clothes. Hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative to avoid the use of chlorine. It’s as easy as add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the usual wash together with the detergent. You can also apply it directly on the stain.

4. White vinegar

White vinegar is not aggressive with fabrics and helps soften them. It is also an ecological cleaner recommended in case you have asthma and cannot use chemical cleaners or bleaches. You only have to mix it with a little lemon to make it smell fresher.

The best way to use it is to add a half to a full cup of distilled white vinegar to your regular laundry detergent. Do the usual washing and, if your clothes have stains, apply vinegar on the affected area and let it act for an hour before washing white t-shirts.

5. milk

This product can help a lot to take care of clothes and whiten them. For good results, soak the white shirt in a bowl of milk. Leave it for a couple of hours and rinse.

Taking care of white clothes is not an easy task.  (Photo: Pexels)
Taking care of white clothes is not an easy task. (Photo: Pexels)

Tips to maintain white clothes

  • Avoid the use of bleach in polyester garments or mixtures of this with cotton. A chemical reaction can occur between the chlorine and this fabric that could turn the garment yellow.
  • Be careful with the water you use to wash your clothes, as it can sometimes be cloudy and will turn your clothes yellowish.
  • Use some diluted borax when washing white clothes to soften the water and that there is no risk of the garments taking on a yellow hue.
  • One way to avoid stains on white clothes is do not apply perfumes, deodorants or other chemicals come into contact with the garment. These generate yellow stains on the white shirt.


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