Homemade tricks to cut a birthday cake if there is no knife

  • In this note you will learn how to cut and serve a cake with a glass of wine or salad tongs.
  • How to get the bitter taste out of celery
  • The trick to soften the cassava and keep it at its point

You’ll be surprised. One of the most important elements in a party is the birthday cake, because not only the honoree will blow out their candles after the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’, but the guests will be able to enjoy this dessert but, what happens if you do not have the basic utensils to break it? Here we leave you the homemade tricks they have no loses to cut it quickly.

On TikTok there is a great series of ‘hacks’ which are very beneficial for emergency situations like this, when children (and also adults) are around the table looking at the cake and they can’t eat it.

Tips for cutting a cake without a knife

1. Cup or glass

  • The trick is for each person to take a glass of wine or glass in their hands.
  • The idea is to put it upside down and take it from the base.
  • With the mouth of the glass you can take a piece of the cake sinking it to the edge.
  • This will be inside the utensil, you will only have to lift it and you can eat it with a spoon.
  • Of course, since it is a high-fat dessert, the glasses will be very dirty. It is best to wash them with hot water (not boiling) and by hand.

This will be a fun and practical way to cut your birthday cake. (Photo: capture @theroseperiod / TikTok)

2. Salad tongs

  • They are ideal for serving the salad, but here we will give them another use.
  • All you have to do is take the tongs by the ends (where you touch the vegetables) and place them on top of the cake.
  • You lower them firmly and you will see how you get a triangular cut of the cake.
  • Repeat the action for each slice of your guests.
  • If you want the portions to come out smaller, you will only have to close the clamp a little when you take them from the ends.

With this trick you will be able to cut a piece of cake with a single movement.  (Photo: capture @gastronomiaycia / Instagram)

With this trick you will be able to cut a piece of cake with a single movement. (Photo: capture @gastronomiaycia / Instagram)

Homemade tricks to clean and shine glasses

1. White vinegar

  • After using the glasses, it is most effective to add warm water to prevent wine stains from drying out and to make washing them easier.
  • If you forget this necessary step in the pre-wash, you can solve it by soaking them for a few minutes in warm water and a drop of white vinegar.
  • This trick also helps to make them shiny and shiny, for which you will need to dry them with a microfiber cloth.

2. boiling water

  • For this trick we are not going to submerge the glasses in the boiling water, as they could crack or break completely.
  • What we will do is heat water in a pot and when it starts to boil, pass each cup through the steam.
  • Dry them with a dry cloth cloth and holding them from the base so that there are no finger marks.

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