Homemade trick to grow your succulents using a kitchen sponge

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Plants clean the environment, regulate humidity, aromatize the space and give a decorative plus to the home. If you live in an apartment, one of the most common is succulents, since they do not take up much space; however, not everyone knows how to care for them properly or help them last longer. From Mag we share a homemade trick that promises to make them grow and for which you will need a kitchen sponge, the kind you use to wash the dishes.

Gardening tricks are diverse and here we present one for which you will not need much work. Pay attention!

Homemade trick to grow your succulent

  • The first thing will be to put hot water in a container and introduce the kitchen sponge in order to disinfect it.
  • After an hour, remove it from the water and cut into several pieces with the help of scissors.
  • The next step is to dig up the succulent and add the sponge pieces, so that they are well separated from each other.
  • Finally, put the succulent back in and cover it with your own soil.

Why put a sponge on the succulent?

As explained from Easy cook, the sponge will help the succulent stay hydrated after each watering, making it easier for it to grow. In addition, it is recommended that you apply this homemade trick when you decide to change your plant’s pot, in order to help it adapt better.

Why won’t my succulent grow?

The reasons are diverse, but the main ones are due to lack or excess of watering, poor lighting or because it could not take root in the pot.

How to water a succulent

The plant must be watered deeply, that is, that the water reaches the root. It is recommended to let the soil dry well between watering and watering. Also, take into account if your plant is indoors or outdoors, since it will have to be protected during the coldest days. Take into account the seasons:

  • Spring: in this season, the plant begins to sprout, so it is recommended to water it once every 10 or 12 days.
  • Summer: Although cacti and succulents endure longer without being watered, in the hottest season the frequency should be increased from 4 to 8 days.
  • Fall: at the beginning of this season, the intensity of irrigation should be reduced, doing it every 8 or 10 days.
  • Winter: at this time of the year, watering must be discontinued, taking place every 20 days. If temperatures are below 10 degrees, it is not recommended to water it as it could spoil.

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