Home tricks to learn how to make toilet paper dispensers

Due to its high cost, not all bathrooms in the houses have modern toilet paper dispensers. However, you can create these types of tools by hand and contribute to recycling, you will see that the results will be just as practical. Meet some below homemade tricks.

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Since its creation, the toilet paper dispenser has made things easier for people in homes and workplaces. This tool not only prevents us from wasting this toiletries, but accidents will be reduced: the roll will not fall into the toilet or end up wet.

Although it is very practical, it is usually very expensive in stores and many people do not have enough resources to buy them. However, on YouTube and other social networks, content creators have given free rein to their ingenuity to make homemade dispensers and we share them with you here.

How to create homemade toilet paper dispensers?

Dispenser with plastic hanger

Use plastic hangers to create a homemade dispenser. (Photo: YouTube/Kitchen Tricks).

Hangers or clothes hooks can have different alternative uses and, with some ingenuity, we can turn it into a toilet paper roll dispenser, depending on the type of Kitchen Tricks. Follow the steps:

Choose a plastic hanger that has a tube underneath and cut it in half with the help of pliers. Do not separate or break it. Through one end, insert the toilet paper roll you have at home (preferably a large one), lift the other end and pass the cardboard roll through it. Hang this handmade dispenser on a clothes pacifier or wherever you prefer to make it easy for you to get toilet paper.

dispenser with plastic bottle

Take advantage of hangers and plastic bottles to create homemade toilet paper dispensers.  (Photo: YouTube/ComoHacerWTF).

Take advantage of hangers and plastic bottles to create homemade toilet paper dispensers. (Photo: YouTube/ComoHacerWTF).

Many people discard plastic bottles because they find no use for them. Instead of continuing with this practice that affects the environment, you can recycle the material to create different objects, such as homemade dispensers.

  • Cut the bottle in half with a scissor
  • Remove the cardboard and place the roll in the part of the bottle that does not have a spout
  • Take the other half of the bottle and make a small cut from the center
  • Take out the paper and place it through the spout of the bottle. Then, place this part of the container on top of the other half, so that it fits perfectly
  • You can pull the toilet paper through this homemade dispenser as many times as you want

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