Home treasure at Zoo Pilsen: A goat with horns like corkscrews!

The male is still similar to the mother, but even he will grow impressive corkscrew-like horns over time. They grow up to 80 cm long. The breed has an ancient history. It is believed that it probably originated in Afghanistan and the Himalayan regions and reached Sicily together with the Greeks in 700 BC, or with the Arabs in the 8th century AD. Zoo Plzeň has been raising and breeding endangered Girgentan goats for more than twenty years. “The first goat had a tuft on his head, so he was named Hurvínek. He was then joined by the female Mánička,” recalls zoo spokesman Martin Vobruba.

Nice gun too

Nature didn’t give these goats horns like corkscrews just for show, although in breeding where the “ladies” have certain ones, they rather decorate them. Males, similar to wild Asian screw-horned goats, wrestle with their help during estrus. Rivals entangle them, then twist and push until one of the juices falls to the ground.

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