Home cinema start for “Predator 5”: The latest part of the action series is not shown in the cinema

In “Predator 5” mankind has to defend itself again against the deadly hunters. However, the action horror film will not be released in theaters.

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Although “Predator: Upgrade” failed both audiences and critics, the action horror series actually continues. After Disney took over 20th Century Fox, many fans certainly didn’t expect the Predator to let off steam again. After all, Disney is best known for its family-friendly works.

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Originally it was said that „Predator 5“ will be called “Skulls”. However, the film title was now in „Prey“ changed and at the same time published a first poster:

But there is bad news for all fans of the “Predator” series: “Prey” will not be released in theaters. Instead, the film by “10 Cloverfield Lane” director Dan Trachtenberg starts in the summer of 2022 at Disney +. The Predators are one of the deadliest and most invincible characters in the action genre. But some other characters shouldn’t be underestimated either:

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This is what awaits you in “Prey”

While modern soldiers faced the alien hunter in the previous “Predator” films, the young Naru (Amber Midthunder) from the Comanche tribe now has to defend herself against the Predator. “Prey” is set 300 years ago and will deal with the arrival of the first Predator, which is before “Predator” from 1987. Accordingly, the fight against the Predator should be significantly different than we are used to and hold some surprises in store.

One of the producers of “Prey” had already indicated in advance that the film would have more similarities with the Oscar-winning survival thriller “The Revenant” starring Leonardo DiCaprio than with the previous parts of the series. The screenplay is by Patrick Aison, producer of series such as “Treadstone” and “Jack Ryan” and is produced by, among others, John Davis, producer of the first film.

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“Predator” fans can therefore hope that director Dan Trachtenberg will bring a breath of fresh air to the somewhat outdated franchise with the change of location in “Prey”. With the start of Disney + fans will have to forego going to the cinema, but at least they can watch the film in the comfort of their own home.

The first “Predator” film came out in 1987. How well do you know the films of the 1980s?

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