Hollywood remake of ‘Zombi Invasion’ wins title

The Hollywood remake of ‘zombie invasion‘ (Train to Busan) had its title released by Deadline.

The movie will be called ‘Last Train to New York‘, Where ‘The Last Train to New York‘.

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James Wan | produces the remake, which will be driven by Timo Tjahjanto (‘Cursed Fortune’).

The actor Don Lee (‘Eternals’) revealed details about the project:

“I’m really excited for the remake. We have Wan and Timo who are great achievers. They are creating something even more fun and terrifying than the original. The first movie was limited to Korea, now you can’t wait to see zombies attacking on a global scale,” he said.

In his resume, the filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto have ‘Murderers‘, ‘the night chases us‘, in addition to having directed segments in horror anthologies’V/H/S/2‘ e ‘the ABC of Death‘.

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Gary Dauberman (‘It: A Coisa‘, ‘the nun‘) is responsible for the script.

The adaptation rights were purchased by the Gaumont Studios, from the French ‘Untouchables‘ (which also won a remake).

New information should be released soon.

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under the direction of Sang-ho Yeon, ‘zombie invasion‘ presents a story of struggle for survival in a busy train station, which suffers a fearsome zombie attack.

A sequence, titled ‘Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula‘, was released recently, but it disappointed the public and was massacred by critics.

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