Hollywood no longer wants Nicolas Cage – but he sees it as his great opportunity

In a podcast, Nicolas Cage looked back on his recent career and spoke about the opportunities that have opened up for him outside of the Hollywood system.

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In 1996, Nicolas Cage was at the height of his career: at the Academy Awards, the then 32-year-old won the Oscar for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in Mike Figgis’ drama “Leaving Las Vegas”. Cage prevailed against ingenious competitors like Anthony Hopkins and Sean Penn that year. It was not only a recognition of his talent, but also a recognition of his very special approach to acting. Its so-called „New Shamanic“, as Cage himself describes his performance, the nature of the drama allowed him to incorporate it into the character of Ben Sanderson without this aspect being irritating like in other Cage films.

Cage maintained this balance between genius and madness, if you will, throughout his Hollywood career: not overdoing it for the studio bosses, always finding new nuances for the audience, and finding enough loopholes for himself not to be bored. For some other actors that would be a balancing act, but for Cage it would be easy, because the nephew of the old master Francis Ford Coppola does not see his craft as acting, but as a natural reaction to the works to which he devotes himself. “I don’t act. I feel and I imagine and I let it flow,” he said in an interview with the Time Magazine.

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Letting his natural urge flow, Cage always did that carefully in his Hollywood films. But then came the moment to finally free yourself from all commercial thoughts and fully express yourself, like Cage in the Award Circuit Podcast by Variety let know:

“I knew after a series of flops that I was pushed out of the studio system; And I wouldn’t be let in anymore I always knew it would take a young filmmaker who would remember some of the films I’ve made and know that I was the right person for his/her script and rediscover me . And that is exactly why he is not just Michael, but Archangel Michael. None of this would have happened if he hadn’t had the courage to say, ‘Come with me’.”

Cage is speaking here of filmmaker Michael Sarnoski, who cast him in his film debut “Pig” in the role of dropout and truffle collector Rob. For the revenge drama, Cage has received only positive reviews for the first time in many years. An ambitious work that may open new doors for him – maybe even a return to Hollywood. Hard to believe after a time when even die-hard fans must have wished at times that Nicolas Cage would just retire. Just like the stars in our video.

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Nicolas Cage’s career in the 2010s: Trash – rarely in a good way

After Cage was thrown out of the Hollywood system, he took on countless, almost random roles in different works – probably also for financial reasons. Action, thriller, fantasy and horror: there was almost no genre he didn’t try his hand at in the 2010s. The result is over 40 films, some of which he himself would certainly have liked to have deleted from his résumé. Among them are also pearls like “Kick-Ass” and “Joe – Die Rache ist sein”.

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But there was one thing about his tour de force: boredom never really came up. On the contrary, Cage used this phase to fully unfold his “Nouveau Shamanic”, not just to act. In his eyes, the latter is tantamount to a lie anyway, according to Cage. In this sense, Cage regards himself as water, as Bruce Lee once explained in his philosophy: “If you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. If you put it in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. If you put it in a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Water can flow or destroy. Be water, my friend! “

And so Cage does not describe himself as an actor, but as a “thespian”:

“It was my aunt Talia Shire who once said to me, ‘Naturalism is a style.’ And I was a big believer in synchronicity […]. You know, in painting, for example, you can be abstract, you can be photorealistic, you can be impressionistic, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same in acting?”

Against this background, perhaps some of Cage’s younger works should be looked at again? “Jiu Jitsu” and “Willy’s Wonderland” for example.

Speaking of the Oscars, how familiar are you with the most important film award in the world? Test yourselves:

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