Holidays with friends turn to horror in France: 24-year-old woman falls off cliff and dies having her photo taken

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On holiday in Étretat, five friends had gone for a walk on the cliffs when the worst happened, on what we nickname “the manhole”, at the Panorama platform, on the golf course. A 24-year-old woman asked others to take a picture of her with her partner but with her back to the sea she backed up too much and fell.

Three people tried to rescue her. To do this, they tried to go down the side of the cliff. If one managed to reach the water, he could not find his friend’s body. The other two found themselves stuck on the wall, indicates They found themselves in the middle of a cliff before being recovered unharmed by the Dragon 76 helicopter, reports France Bleu Normandie. Which unfortunately could not be the case with the young woman.

21 firefighters, including teams specializing in helicopter-borne water rescue and intervention in perilous environments, were required on the scene. It was divers who finally recovered the body of the victim. It could not be resuscitated by the SAMU. She died.

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The mayor of the town immediately warned, once again recalled the danger of straying from the marked paths on the famous cliffs.

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