Hockey player Jágr scolds the referee: I will be nice!

Kladno’s owner, who is endowed with a special style of humor, decided to criticize the work of extra-league judges in a slightly different way. Jágr on Instagram, he shared a video of Sunday ‘s match in Olomouc (3: 4) with the song I Rise by Hana Z Agorova (75). “After the referee told me that I had fallen alone, I scolded our grinder for grinding my skates badly, now I will have to apologize to him,” wrote the most productive European in NHL history to record an alleged foul by one of the Olomouc players.

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Jagr’s girlfriend Dominika took pictures underwater: Wet fairy! Jardo, really good!

She added the “smileys” to the legendary “68” ironic post. “I promise I will not discuss with the judges (until Sunday),” Jágr told the fans. Until then, the Knights, who have the penultimate place in the table, have the same time off. Some rivals have blamed Jágr’s behavior towards the judges and the (non) whistling of his transgressions this season. Will a Kladno veteran improve on the ice? Or will he be really good as Miloš Kopecký († 73) in the film only when he experiences a series of embarrassments?

Olomouc – Kladno: Knotk’s tripping of Jagr went unpunished, the Knights could go to advantage of five to three

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