Hjalmer suddenly received a private message from Tim Christensen: ‘I got up and started shouting and screaming’

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How would you react if your big idol suddenly sent you a private message on Instagram?

For Hjalmer, that dream came true last autumn, when his great childhood hero Tim Christensen suddenly appeared in the inbox.

“I have dreamed of making a number with Tim Christensen since I was seven years old,” says Hjalmer enthusiastically.

»That was when ‘Right Next To The Right One’ (the soundtrack to the DR series ‘Nikolaj og Julie’, ed.) Came out. Even though I did not understand any of it, it was just such a beautiful song. And when I later went to musical high school in Odense, he was just ours all together, “Hjalmer continues.

Hjalmer Larsen, singer and musician, is up to date with a new album, 'Everything gets better'.

Hjalmer Larsen, singer and musician, is up to date with a new album, ‘Everything gets better’.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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In his adult life, Hjalmer already experienced a few years ago being at the same event as Tim Christensen at the venue Gæstgiveren on Bornholm, without them greeting each other.

“My boyfriend said I should go over and say hello to him, but I did not dare. I just smiled awkwardly at him when I walked by, “laughs Hjalmer.

But in the autumn it succeeded.

Tim Christensen had seen the TV 2 program ‘Toppen af ​​poppen’, in which Hjalmer, among other things, participated, and in the message Tim Christensen praised one of Hjalmer’s interpretations.

Hjalmer Larsen

Born 16 August 1995 in Odense, son of Kim Larsen and Liselotte Kløvborg Larsen.

Debuted in 2017 with the single ‘If You Go’ and has since made a name for himself in ‘Top of the Pop’, the Medina duet ‘People like us’ and the title track of TV 2’s popular Christmas calendar ‘Tinka and the King’s Game’.

Is current with the album ‘Everything gets better’.

“I was sitting in the studio with my producer Rasmus when I got the message, and I just got up and started shouting and screaming,” says Hjalmer.

‘My producer is also a fan, so we ran down the street and were all up for driving. It was the biggest ever, “he continues.

Hjalmer laughs at the fact that he in no way managed to keep the cool facade – and not at all when he wanted to send a message back to Tim Christensen.

‘I mean, I wrote‘ thank you so much, I really love you too ’. It was too long a message about how much I loved him. “

Tim Christensen.

Tim Christensen.
Photo: Louise Leth-Espensen

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A few days later, the producer’s manager happened to meet Tim Christensen on the street.

“He invited Tim up to our studio for a cup of coffee, and then all of a sudden he was standing there. I never think I have been so schoolboy-like, “laughs Hjalmer.

‘I do not remember what I said, but think it was stupid most of it. However, I also took courage and asked if we should try to make a number together. “

Tim Christensen was involved in the idea, but when Hjalmer after a month had not yet heard from him, Hjalmer thought that it probably did not turn into anything anyway.

»And then suddenly he sent a demo. It was so insanely beautiful and Tim Christensen-like. We just had to do it! ”Says Hjalmer about the song ‘Frit fald’, which ended up being included on his new album, ‘Everything gets better’.

“I don’t get starstruck that often, but I do near him. Also still, even though we have now made a song together, “says Hjalmer, who is happy that their collaboration was successful.

“‘Free Fall’ is the song I will forever hear most from the album because it’s just so big for me.”

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