Hjalmer Larsen rejects TV 2: ‘I wanted to smoke out in the first program’

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“I do not think I would say yes.”

This is how it sounds from musician Hjalmer Larsen, when the press on the red carpet ahead of the ‘Wild with dance’ semi-final asks him if he himself could decide to participate in TV2’s ‘Wild with dance’.

However, he does not want to answer diplomatically whether he has received the offer.

But tonight he will still enter the ‘Wild with dance’ scene, as he will perform his song ‘Coming back’ to Micki Cheng and Jenna Bagge’s tango.

But to dance himself, the ‘Top of the Pop’ musician is not lured by.

“Right now I just want to make music and I also think I would smoke out in the first program because I dance absolutely horrible. It’s something like that at four in the morning when I’ve had a lot of beer. And at least I do not score when I do, “says Hjalmer Larsen with a twinkle in his eye.

“It’s more for the boys!”

But even though TV 2 could not lure Hjalmer Larsen into ‘Wild with dance’, they recently succeeded in getting him into ‘Top of the Pop’.

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“It’s like a program about music where I’m allowed to sing and play, and that’s what I feel like,” the musician explains.

Here he participated with colleagues Simon Kvamm, Malte Ebert, Alex Vargas, Maria Bramsen, Katinka and Mathilde Falch.

“It was a very special team, because it was people who really wanted each other and got to know each other, also just drinking beer together when the cameras were off.”

Now Hjalmer Larsen is working on his next album.

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