Hjalmer hurried home to his mother before the festival: ‘It was great’

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Hjalmer is flying after a terrific start to the festival season, where he and the band have been greeted by and bathed in pure love.

But there is one reason why he is particularly obvious for his first concert on Tinderbox, where he will perform on the tent stage on Thursday night at 19.45.

»I spent the night with my mother yesterday. I had time off from yesterday afternoon, and then I hurried to take a train to Odense to just be home one day, “he says with a big smile to BT before the concert.

He and the band have had an unusually busy spring with a successful tour around the country before the long-awaited festivals were back again.

‘There’s a bang right now. I just released a new album two weeks ago, and we played spring tour, which went straight into the summer trip, so I haven’t really been home that much, “says Hjalmer.

Therefore, the day with mother at home in Odense was appreciated before the big Tinderbox debut.

“Yesterday I was just lying at home with my mother on the couch watching Stranger Things, and it was just perfect. It was great, “he says and continues:

“It makes one very ready for the energy discharge one has to make today.”

Although this is his first concert on Tinderbox, the Odense festival represents a kind of home ground. Among other things, because friends, girlfriend, family and parents-in-law will be among the audience when Hjalmer goes on stage.

“There are really a lot of the good people in my life here today and it makes me extra nervous because they know me so well. So I can not – in goosebumps – really cheat them, they can see right through me. “

However, the nervousness and inner pressure due to the familiar faces of the audience is not something that knocks him off course.

He feels ready.

“There are many who would rather still think I’m good,” he laughs.

After the concert, Hjalmer will get to know Tinderbox from the festival site, where he will, among other things, party with some of the friends he has known since high school and usually goes to festivals with.

“We have to play again already on Saturday, so I drive home with the band bus tonight. Also because me and the boys have to be stiff and hopefully celebrate a big night in Odense. “

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