History, reports, portraits… Our summer series at a glance

For six weeks, Time takes up its summer quarters. We offer several series of articles allowing you, for some to shed light on the news in a different light, for others to take a step aside, to escape, to discover people and places whose we talk little, or to reflect on major social issues.

Here is an overview, so that you can find your way around. And come back to see it from time to time, other series will still be added. Good reading!

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Portrait Series

night owls
They work by starlight or neon lights, depending. Meet those who live offbeat, invisible to most of the country. To follow them until the end of the night.

From the Swiss to Hollywood
Focus on the Swiss, musicians, stuntmen or actresses, who have managed to find a place for themselves in the Mecca of cinema.

The mountain can be treated

How to reconcile (or reconcile) the mountains and sustainable development? From the geographer who is shaking up Valais to the mayor of Ticino who is selling off his chalets, portraits of actors in the field who are teeming with ideas.

Party preparations
They and they commit themselves several months in advance for a summer public event. Before D-Day, five people tell how they are living through this intense organizational period.

Reports and investigations

From Helsinki to Odessa, along the iron border facing Russia
Since the start of the war in Ukraine last winter, the tectonic plates of the Old Continent have been constantly shifting between Russia and the West. Our journalists went into the field of these major strategic reshuffles, from Finland to the Black Sea.

The puppeteer, the incredible story of an unscrupulous businessman
Chalets, planes, racing cars: in Switzerland, a sulphurous businessman has built a life of luxury. But to achieve this, he brilliantly exploited the gullibility of many people. From Lugano to Lausanne, via Sion and Villars-sur-Ollon, our long-term investigation into the parallel universe of the “Puppeteer”.

In the footsteps of Jack Kerouac, road trip in the western United States, against the backdrop of news
From Denver to Los Angeles, our correspondent in the United States takes you on the wheels of Jack Kerouac and his legendary On the Road to tell the story of America today shortly before the midterm elections. By car!

The Langstrasse in Zurich, a long street with a warm history
Financial Zurich sometimes overshadows festive Zurich. Filled with bars, clubs and other establishments for insiders, the city nevertheless conceals by far the liveliest nightlife in the country. One place is emblematic of this: the Langstrasse. Discover this explosive cocktail of workers’ struggles, counter-culture and gentrification.

The High Cost of Living Chronicles: Inflation Across the Globe
Almost everywhere in the world, rising prices are cutting into the purchasing power of the population. Reports from six major cities facing soaring inflation: Istanbul, Berlin, New York, London, Vilnius and Warsaw.

History, science, books and society

These species saved from extinction, or which could be
At the time of the sixth mass extinction, a look back at the fate of four threatened species, narrowly saved from extinction: the monk seal in the Mediterranean, the European hamster, the red lobster on the French coasts and the wild bee in Switzerland.

Torn Tongues
What happens to a language when war breaks out on its territory? What do families do when the words they utter immediately link them to one side or the other? Time examines how language, an intimate object, has become a political object. Or, sometimes, the key to appeasement.

Concrete, the fifth element

He is everywhere but we no longer see him. In Switzerland, from bunkers to works of art, concrete is in all its forms. At a time of essential debate on the environmental impact of its production and growing urbanization, its omnipresence raises questions.

The Secret Passages of History
Hidden doors, underground corridors, imaginary constructions… Extraordinary stories of a few pass-through walls throughout history.

The world in 2050
What will our good old Earth look like in 2050? How will humans interact with each other and with the environment? Should we rejoice in the future or, on the contrary, fear it? Elements of answers, from metaverse to bacteria.

The taste of the islands
From Robert Louis Stevenson to Jules Verne, islands are places that attract the imagination and therefore writers. Visit six of them, real or imagined.

The summer readings of “Time”
Our journalists offer you their summer selections of holiday reading, to take to the beach, the swimming pool, the train or in your backpack.


Chiaroscuro, chronicles of shadow
In the courtyard of our columnist’s building is a lime tree. Her apartment is so made that she lives in the company of this tree and therefore, in summer, with its shadow. She describes and celebrates its extraordinary value through five works, sailing from the Lausanne court to Indonesia via Tuscany and Japan.

In a period of multiple crises, the temptation of nationalism and protectionism is growing. The globalization that has helped to raise the standard of living of millions of people is being sorely tested, regrets our columnist. Which notes, however, that its roots are deep and resist selfishness and short-term visions.

I read everything Arsène Lupin
Omar Sy’s triumphant Netflix series returns in the fall. Until then, in a column, we go through the novels, the other adaptations, in a word, the world of the most famous of gentlemen.

Subjective mapping
From the cross on a piece of parchment indicating the hiding place of the treasure to the controversy around the projection of Mercator, cartographic representations forge the imagination. Incursions into an abundant universe.

Discover our chronicles based on the archives of the Geneva Journalof the Lausanne Gazette and New Daily. To make a contemporary fact resonate with another, drawn from the past.

Summer debates

For summer, Time again entrusts its spaces devoted to opinions to six personalities, each on a theme broken down into several sections.

international justice
It was the lawyer and hunter of war criminals Alain Werner, director of the international network of lawyers Civitas Maxima, who launched the operation with a selection of forums on international justice and its application, within the framework of migrations, the war in Ukraine, the fate of the Uighurs, or even environmental issues.

Addictions, between shadows and desires
A series of texts devoted to addictions, moderated by Malka Gouzer, a journalist specializing in medical and health issues and who has a particular interest in dynamics on the margins of society, such as those of prostitution, prison and mental illness .

From Algiers to Cape Town, the African scars of the future
Joan Tilouine and Paul Deutschmann, both journalists for Africa Intelligence, give the floor to writers, researchers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, activists in direct contact with the African continent. They were born there, live there, observe it, change it.

Security in the 21st century

Place of women in the army and in security policy, future of the obligation to serve… A theme coordinated by Noémie Roten, co-author of the Federal People’s Initiative “For a committed Switzerland (citizen service initiative )”.

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