History of Honor: when friendship wins over racism

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Historia de Honor is the story of the first black aviator in the US Navy and is an exciting tale of fighting against adversity. Safety pin!

History of Honor
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History of Honor follow the true story of Jesse Brown, the United States Navy’s first black fighter pilot. This man meant a lot to the African-American community because his accomplishments ranked him among the best officers to have ever flown in combat. Jonathan Majors He does a great job in his portrayal of the pilot who has to fight discrimination over and over again in the 1950s.

However, it is not all bad news for Jesse Brownwhat in History of Honor We see how they train to fly the F4U Corsair fighter, a combat aircraft that is difficult to land on aircraft carriers due to the impossibility of seeing clearly ahead in the cockpit of this vehicle. The pilots that made up the team that Brown was on suffered a lot from this situation.

History of Honor It’s not just the story of Jesse Brown dealing with discrimination or plotting advancing airmen training getting ready for combat. We also see how the pilot is a family man who has a wife he loves very much and a daughter who is the fruit of that relationship that meant everything to this loyal and noble man who left an unforgettable mark among his family.

Historia de Honor is an emotional story

The film also shows the friendship in the life of Jesse Brown. His great friend is another aviator, his partner Tom Hudnera man who does not have the racial prejudices so ingrained in the 50’s era who accepts Jesse and even admires him, even gaining the trust of this man of color who makes Navy history by proving that we are all equal.

ohGlen Powell does a great job as Tom Hudner! The actor returns to an aviator movie just as he did in Top Gun: Maverickbut this time his character is far removed from the arrogant pilot that he had to play alongside Tom Cruise. The film in which she stars with Jonathan Majors finds him showing a very noble facet by bringing to the big screen the portion of this story that we all want to know: the acceptation! It gives us great joy that Jesse Brown have met Tom Hudner.

Director J.D. Dillard does a great job balancing the combat scenes with the development of the story of Jesse Brown both with your family and in preparation time to fly missions. In which conflict did these pilots participate? They were part of the Korean War where they demonstrated all their value by flying the F4U Corsair directly into very dangerous areas.

History of Honor gives an account of what it meant to be a man of color within the North American Navy in the 50s. Jesse Brown He did not have an easy professional life, but the love of his family added to the friendship of people like Tom Hudner They certainly meant a lot to this war hero who showed the world why prejudice is truly ridiculous and how we can all excel at what we love and are good at. A life lesson well embodied by the performance of Jonathan Majors!

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