History: Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau will see their 8 p.m. editions replaced by news bulletins!

It’s a World Cup that is already making a lot of noise even before the first whistle has been blown. Since the designation of Qatar as the host country of the next football World Cup, many voices have been raised to denounce a decision that is not in line with sporting values ​​but more with the portfolio of certain authorities. And if this planetary event usually takes place in summer, this time due to the particularly hot climate of the Arabian Peninsula, the competition will take place from November 21 to December 6.

All television channels have of course planned to shake up their program schedules to best broadcast this World Cup won four years ago by the France team in Russia. TF1 unveiled, Tuesday June 14, 2022, the list of 28 group matches that it will broadcast on its antenna during the competition. The latter will force the channel to make some adjustments. From Monday, November 21 to Friday, December 2 at least, Gilles Bouleau and Anne-Claire Coudray will no longer be at the controls of their usual 8 p.m. edition.

At the time of the great information mass, a group stage match will indeed be broadcast. TF1 will then broadcast the 5 best posters of the 8 round of 16 between Saturday 3 and Tuesday 6 December. The “20 hours” of TF1 would thus be replaced by a news bulletin which will be broadcast before the first whistle, indicates TF1 to the daily L’Équipe. However, the first channel did not specify its schedule, the fate reserved for the series “Here everything begins” and “Tomorrow belongs to us” during this period. “We’ll go on air around 9:55 p.m. and we’ll join the second part of the evening with a long magazine (probably titled “Le mag de la Coupe du monde” and presented by Denis Brogniart, NDLR), specifies Julien Millereux, sports director of the group at “The team”. “Inevitably, even if it is too early to talk about it, we will deploy an important device around this show.


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