His mother or me! : how the film took a young woman to prison?

In 2005, the two stars Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda clash violently in the romantic comedy “His mother or me!”. However, the film didn’t expect to make the news, following a rented but not returned VHS deal.

His mother or me! : the comeback of Jane Fonda

Used to “comedies for women” (Revenge of a blonde, date with a star), the director Robert Luketic delivers in 2005 his fourth feature film entitled His mother or me !. For the occasion, he can count on Jennifer Lopez, a regular at romantic comedies since the early 2000s. Above all, the director confronts the latter with the great Jane Fonda. A big surprise since the American star, revealed in the 60s and 70s, had retired from the sets in 1990. His mother or me! therefore marks its big comeback in cinemas in 2005.

His mother or me! follows Charlie, a pretty young woman who finds the perfect man in Kevin. Beautiful, rich and good in all respects, it does however have a slight flaw: his mother Viola. Invasive, she will do anything to rot the love story between Charlie and his son.

Although Luketic’s feature film has received mixed reviews (with the added bonus of a Razzie Award nomination for Jennifer Lopez), it is a great commercial success with $ 154.7 million in revenue.

His mother or me! ©New Line Cinema

Return the VHS tape!

In 2005, Kayla Finley loue the VHS of His mother or me! at a local video club. The young woman, aged 18 at the time, did not expect this film to pose so many problems to her. Indeed, as the magazine relates South West, nine years later, in 2014, Finley filed a family complaint with a police station in Pickens County, South Carolina. Except that, bad luck, her name is found in the police files, with an arrest warrant issued against her for “VHS theft”!

Thus, the video club had sent him letters several times demanding the return of the film… without success! Kayla Finley, who had moved in the meantime, never received the recall letters. Over time, she probably forgot that she still had in her possession the VHS of His mother or me !. An unfortunate omission who made him spend a night in prison. With, at the end of the day, a deposit of 2000 dollars to pay.

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