His great adviser: Gerard Piqué and the role of his mother Montserrat Bernabeu after the break with Shakira

The break between Gerard Piqué and Shakira keep giving something to talk about. And it is that, beyond the compositions of the successful singer or the public appearances of the retired footballer with his girlfriend Clara Chía Martí, Everything seems to indicate that the artist’s ex-mother-in-law would play an important role in their separation.

As we know, Pique He has avoided referring directly to the songs released by the mother of his children about the end of their romance (”Monotony”, “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53″ and “TQG”). Well, it turns out that his mother would be the main adviser behind his silence around this issue.

Do you want to know more about it? Next, we will tell you what is the key role of Montserrat Bernabeu after the break of Gerard Piqué with Shakira.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué during one of the happy moments of their relationship (Photo: AFP)


On Saturday March 18, the journalist saul ortiz appeared on the show “Party” of Telecinco with one objective: to narrate what would be the position of Montserrat Bernabeu facing the media separation of his son and the interpreter of “She-wolf”.

In this sense, the television collaborator indicated that the mother of Pique It would be “victim” more in these circumstances, because it would be being “marked” by the followers of the barranquillera.

“In this history, Montserrat is a victim of hoaxes, She is a victim of accusations, of the gossip of those people who follow Shakira and who believe blindly what she says “he pointed out.

Montserrat Bernabeu next to her son Gerard Piqué (Photo: @tvmaxdeporte / Instagram)

Montserrat Bernabeu next to her son Gerard Piqué (Photo: @tvmaxdeporte / Instagram)


ortiz He also referred to the role that Bernabeu in this break According to some sources close to the family Piquethe lady would be having a “brilliant attitude” in order not to generate more conflicts between the celebs.

Apparently, the ex-player of the FC Barcelona wanted to speak out and make a fuss about the position of Shakira at the end of their courtship. Nevertheless, she would have listened to her mother, who stopped him and advised him to stay out of the controversy.

Furthermore, although it is somewhat difficult to imagine, saul ortiz also suggested that Montserrat Bernabeu He had a protective attitude towards the singer and that is something that had been reflected since the beginning of his relationship with gerard.

”Montserrat has always had a very close attitude with Shakira, protective, she has taken great care of her and has avoided paparazzi conflicts with the marriage. He has had exemplary behavior and has always protected Shakira”he stated.

Shakira and Monserrat Bernabéu when everything seemed to be happiness (Photo: AFP)

Shakira and Monserrat Bernabéu when everything seemed to be happiness (Photo: AFP)

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