Hire a dinosaur for a children’s birthday and the scene terrifies children

on the platform of TikTok circulated a viral video that shows how a children’s party ended in a real disaster, after the appearance of a subject dressed as a dinosaur. The reaction of those present caused a furor and quickly became a trend in all corners of the social media.

Millions of children have different tastes. Some prefer Mickey Mouse, while others prefer extinct creatures. Faced with this scenario, the family of a little boy decided to hire the services of an artist to dress up as tyrannosaurus rex and thus liven up your child’s birthday.

Children’s birthday ends in nightmare

As reported , the parents of the birthday boy shared the video in which the animator appeared disguised as a huge dinosaur at the meeting. Immediately, the minors invited to the party began to run from one side to another totally terrified

“We hired a dinosaur to appear at my son’s birthday and things didn’t go as planned,” wrote whose recording was recorded seven million views in this social network.

@fjerry They will remember this for the rest of their lives #fyp #4u #kids #comedy ♬ original sound – FJerry

In the images, some frightened children were also seen, who were inside some mats, experiencing moments of panic after seeing the giant tyrannosaurus rex trying to put its head inside.

In a few days, the video went viral and sparked various opinions. “The children who left remember that they almost died and their parents just laughed”; “I definitely feel like this was much more for adult entertainment and had nothing to do with children’s enjoyment”; “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time”were some of the comments.

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