Hindi Diwas 2021 Hindi Diwas is about to give Speech so try these tips to prepare Essay

Hindi Diwas 2021 SpeechHindi Diwas is celebrated every year across the country on 14th September with full enthusiasm. During this, conferences, seminars, discussions etc. are organized in schools, colleges and other literary institutions in the country and many dignitaries express their views on Hindi Day. This time if you are also preparing to give a speech on Hindi Diwas 2021, then by trying these tips, you can prepare a good essay on Hindi Diwas –

Keep these things in mind at the beginning of the speech

At the beginning of giving speech on Hindi Diwas, first of all the people involved in the program should be greeted. After this, while starting my speech, I should say that today I have prepared myself to speak on Hindi Diwas, for this I am feeling proud. We all know that we have gathered here today to increase the respect of Hindi language on the special occasion of Hindi Diwas. Hindi language was constitutionally given the status of official language in India. After being freed from the slavery of the British Raj for 200 years, Indians had dreamed that one day the whole country would have only one language, through which there would be debate in every corner of the country. The framers of the Constitution had recognized the Hindi language written in Devanagari as the language of the country.

Prepare your speech on the basis of where to speak

On the basis of where you want to speak your speech on Hindi Diwas, the speech of Hindi Diwas should be prepared on that basis. Each program has its own distinct style of speaking. Like in debate competition, seminar, poetry seminar, Hindi typing competition, poet conference, award ceremony, official language week etc., the speaking style of the speaker is also different.

Speaker must know the history of Hindi Diwas

Before talking about Hindi language, the speaker must also mention about the history of Hindi language. The speaker must state in his own distinct style that ‘Hindi’ belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Hindi, along with English, is the official language of India. Apart from this, some historical information of Hindi should also be given during his speech.

Keep these things in mind while preparing speech

First of all, prepare the role well in your essay. In this, tell about Hindi, what is the history of Hindi, how Hindi Divas started and what is its importance. Make an effort to have factual information in the role.

After the introduction in your speech, elaborate on the topic of the essay. When and why World Hindi Day is celebrated and what is its significance.

– Can present their reasoning about the status of Hindi language in the current environment, while what changes are possible in it. What is the status of Hindi at present and what can be done to improve its condition. Information can be given about how Hindi language can become a means of good employment. Also try to find some such examples of people who have made their career through Hindi and have reached a good position. These examples will make your essay factual and people will find it effective.

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