Hindi Day is on 14 September know its history importance and everything about it

Hindi Diwas 2021 Date: Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14 September. On this day many events are organized with the aim of showing respect towards the national language of the country, Hindi. On this day in government and private offices, amidst efforts to make all the dialogues in Hindi, Hindi is spoken in prose and verse at all the forums of expression. But the question will arise in your mind that Hindi is a language. How could it be one day? Did Hindi not exist before this day? We are going to solve all such questions and curiosities here. Know the meaning of Hindi Diwas, its history, importance and everything about the events taking place on this day.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14 September. On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly decided by one vote that Hindi would be the official language of India. Since 1953 on the request of Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha, 14th September is celebrated every year as Hindi Diwas in all over India to show the importance of this important decision and to spread Hindi in every region. There is also a fact that 14th September 1949 was the 50th birthday of Vyohar Rajendra Singha, the pioneer of Hindi, who struggled a long time to make Hindi the national language. After the attainment of independence, Vyahar Rajendra Singh made tireless efforts to establish Hindi as the national language, along with writers like Kaka Kalelkar, Maithilisharan Gupta, Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Seth Govinddas etc.

History of Hindi Day

In the year 1918, Gandhiji had asked to make Hindi the national language in the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Gandhiji also called it the language of the masses. In the year 1949, this decision was taken after much deliberation on 14 September 1949 on the question of the national language of independent India, which is mentioned in Article 343(1) of Chapter 17 of the Indian Constitution. According to this, the national language of the Union will be Hindi and the script will be Devanagari.

Why is Hindi Diwas only on 14th September?

The form of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the international form. This decision was taken on 14th September, this day was the 50th birthday of Hindi litterateur Vyahar Rajendra Singha, due to which this day was considered the best for Hindi Diwas. However, when it was chosen and implemented as the national language, the people of the non-Hindi speaking state started opposing it and English also had to be given the status of official language.

These programs are held on this day

Many programs take place during Hindi Diwas. On this day, students are taught to respect Hindi and use Hindi in daily practice. In which Hindi essay writing, debate competition etc. are held. Bhasha Samman has been started to inspire people towards Hindi on Hindi Day. This honor will be given every year to such a personality of the country who has made a special contribution towards the use and upliftment of Hindi language among the people. One lakh one thousand rupees are given as an honor for this. Many suggestions are also received for the development and expansion of Hindi language at many places through essay writing competition in Hindi.

Hindi spoken here

Along with India, there are many countries of the world including Nepal, America, Mauritius, Fiji, D.Africa, Suriname, Uganda where Hindi is spoken. About 80 lakh Hindi speakers live in Nepal. At the same time, the number of Hindi speakers in America is about six and a half lakhs.

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Hindi Typing Competition

Poet Conference

Award Ceremony

official language week

Hindi language range

It is the third largest language in the world by number of speakers, after English and Chinese. But this number is very few among those who understand, read and write it well. It is getting less and less. Along with this, English words have also had a great influence on the Hindi language and many words have gone out of circulation and have been replaced by English words. Due to which the possibility of extinction of the language has also increased in the future. For this reason, such people who have knowledge of Hindi or know Hindi language, this day is celebrated as Hindi Diwas to make them aware of their duty towards Hindi, so that they all follow their duty and make Hindi language a future. to save it from extinction.

This is the purpose of celebrating Hindi Diwas

Its main objective is to make people aware once in a year that unless they use Hindi fully, the development of Hindi language cannot take place. On this day, it is advised to use Hindi in place of English in all government offices. Apart from this, the one who does good development work in Hindi throughout the year and uses Hindi well in his work, he is honored by the award.

These challenges are in front of Hindi

Many people also use English language words or English in their common speech, which is slowly threatening the existence of Hindi. On this day all of them are requested to use Hindi only in their spoken language. Apart from this, people are also asked to write their thoughts etc. in Hindi. Since very few people know about the tools to write in Hindi language, on this day information is given about writing, checking and dictionary in Hindi language.

official language week

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National Language Week or Hindi Week is celebrated for one week from Hindi Diwas on 14 September. Different competitions are organized throughout this week. This event is organized both in the school and in the office. Its basic objective is to increase the spirit of development for Hindi language among the people, not limited to Hindi Diwas only. In these seven days, people are explained about the development of Hindi language through essay writing, etc., about the advantages and disadvantages of using it.


An award ceremony is also organized on Hindi Diwas to encourage people towards Hindi. In which this award is given to the person who uses good Hindi during work. It was earlier named after politicians, which was later changed to Rashtrabhasha Kirti Puraskar and Rashtrabhasha Gaurav Puraskar. Rashtrabhasha Gaurav Puraskar is given to the people whereas Rashtrabhasha Kirti Puraskar is given to any department, committee etc.

Rajbhasha Gaurav Award

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This award is given to any Indian citizen who writes on the subject of technical or science. There are 13 prizes ranging from ten thousand to two lakh rupees. In this, the first prize winner gets 2 lakh rupees, second prize winner gets 1.5 lakh rupees and third prize winner gets seventy five thousand rupees. Along with this, ten people are given ten thousand rupees each as incentive award. A memento is also given to all the awardees. Its basic objective is to advance Hindi language in the field of technology and science.

Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar

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A total of 39 awards are given under this award scheme. This award is given to any committee, department, board etc. for the best work done by it in Hindi. Its basic purpose is to use Hindi language in official work.

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