Hilona (LMvsMonde6) accused of having abused the surgery, she reacts to this before / after photo that makes the buzz

Like many candidates, Hilona, ​​who was unhappy in her relationship with Julien Bert, is complexed by certain aspects of her physique. Thus, the young woman has always been too small for her liking and has sometimes considered the idea of ​​increasing the volume of her breasts. Despite social pressure, the influencer claims to have never had cosmetic surgery. According to her confidences, she only had dental veneers. But internet users find it hard to believe it.

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For most Internet users, Hilona does not assume to have yielded to the call of the scalpel. They were also not shy to say it under the publication of the account Instagram @ show2tvr, on which we can see a before / after photo of the beautiful blonde. “In fact, she’s as patched up as the others”, “She who says she’s never done anything again. Like her nose got thinner on its own”, “An injected glow up, that does not exist for me”, “Photoshop gives the bebews” we could read among the reactions.

Hilona responds to her detractors about cosmetic surgery – Credit (s): Instagram show2tvr

When an Internet user was surprised to learn that Hilona had passed the billiards, the latter was quick to deny cash in the comments: “I never had surgery, it’s my face that evolved as I grew older. FYI, I was 15 in this photo, it’s eleven years later. Look at yourself 11 years earlier, thank you . “ A message that has the merit of being clear. Elsewhere in the news, it seems that Julien Bert is relieved by his break up with Hilona if we are to believe this pique.

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